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dsc01683Epoxy is a two-part liquid resin that when combined, cures to be a very hard plastic film. When applied over a concrete surface the epoxy acts as a dust free non-slip surface that can last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

Epoxy flooring comes in so many varieties, and we do them all.

Grind and Seal:

We are often asked to grind a concrete slab to remove the existing coating or other contaminates and then simply apply a couple roll coats of clear epoxy over the surface. This is a great way to make an ugly floor look like a million bucks without spending it!

Artistic Epoxy:

Granicrete Artistic Epoxy is especially attractive and is endless in its abilities to be applied in an artistic fashion. The Epoxy is coloured, sometimes many different colours, pearls can be added, and many layers can be applied to get the awesome effects that makes a Granicrete Artistic Epoxy floor the best in the industry.

Designer Epoxy:

If multi colours and pearls are not your thing then maybe you are looking for a single colour epoxy floor with a high-end finish to suit your home or office. These high-end epoxy floors come in almost any colour, have a mirror like finish, and look absolutely stunning. Granicrete Epoxy floors can suit your home whether it is ultra modern or rustic in nature.

Garage Epoxy:

If you have a garage and want an epoxy floor, whether you have a large commercial automotive shop or a home garage, we can install a non-slip professional epoxy floor. These floors are for the person or business that wants a non-slip easy to clean workspace, or even just to have an area to show off the nice car.

Epoxy Flake System:

Epoxy flake systems come in a huge variety of colours and can be applied anywhere from commercial kitchens and bathrooms to home garages. The end product looks a bit like granite and will last a very long time. If you are looking for an epoxy floor and want a little colour but not have to spend the big bucks then maybe the epoxy flake system is for you!

Safety Epoxy:

Safety lines and markings are an essential part of commercial floors. When working in a environment we need to be able to have markings on the floor that tell people where it is safe to walk, and work, and not mix the two areas. If you need an epoxy floor with line and emblem markings or just the markings themselves, Granicrete Safety Epoxy is all you need.

Our Epoxy Flooring Work

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