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Concrete Grinding In Melbourne

If the concrete driveway of your home is beginning to show cracks, or the floor of your business’ workshop is showing signs of wear and tear, the surfaces can become visually unappealing or even pose a safety hazard for people who use them. By grinding and polishing concrete floors and other surfaces, it is possible to restore those surfaces to their original condition so they not only look fantastic but remove any potential safety risks as well. If you’re looking for experienced concrete floor grinding contractors in Melbourne, book the services of Granicrete today.

How We Go About Grinding And Polishing Concrete Floors

Granicrete uses a groundbreaking process to grind and seal concrete, ensuring superior quality results. We first prepare the surface, with the method depending on whether it’s an existing concrete slab or a newly laid surface. With an existing concrete surface, it’s important to clean it to remove any sealant before replacing with a new aggregate topping. We then add any decorative elements to give the surface some visual appeal before allowing the surface to harden. Once the surface has firmed, we use a 16 grit diamond-tipped angle grinder to begin the concrete grinding process. Throughout the process, we gradually increase to a 120 grit diamond tipped head, continuing the grinding cycles until the surface is suitably smooth.

The third part of the process of grinding and sealing concrete is to apply the sealant; this fills in any pores, cracks and uneven spots that may have occurred while grinding the concrete. Once the sealing solution has been added, we apply a densifying solution that gives the surface added strength. The final stage is to polish the concrete with a diamond tipped resin pad. We begin with a 50 grit pad and increase to 3000 grit where we achieve a glossy sheen straight out of a Melbourne display home or showroom.

Why Choose Granicrete For Concrete Floor Grinding In Melbourne?

With so many service providers offering floor grinding in Melbourne, why choose Granicrete? We boast years of industry experience, allowing us to provide residential, commercial and corporate clients alike with the services and results that they want. Granicrete boasts award-winning personnel who thrive on bringing creativity and inspiration to each and every job we attend to. We ensure all work is compliant with occupational health and safety standards and come fully insured for your peace of mind. If you have concrete floors that needing grinding and polishing, contact us today.

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