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Garage Floors

Make Your Garage an Extension of Your Home

Modern high-end home design is increasingly turning to the garage as an extension of the home, rather than a dusty rough-concrete slab based ‘shed’ attached to the house. Thankfully with modern techniques, flaking garage floor paint is also a thing of the past!

Whether you’re looking for an easy to clean and very low maintenance garage floor, a top notch base for your man cave or an expansive area to show off your car collection, Granicrete has all the experience you need to ensure a fantastic final finish.

What is the Best Floor Surface for a Home Garage?

By a very large margin, the best surfacing option for your home garage is Epoxy Flake. It is extremely hard wearing, non-slip and waterproof. Generally applied direct on top of a concrete slab (we can also apply onto tiles), the surface is sealed so it is stain resistant, and super easy to clean with a quick hose down. Perfect for those who like to take their 4WD for an adventure on the weekend!

Other alternatives used by some flooring companies include Grind & Seal or Mechanically Polished concrete. We do not generally recommend these options as the polished option can be slippery when wet, and the grind & seal approach simply doesn’t result in a high-end feel – especially if the existing slab is worn, gouged or stained.

Other common solutions for garage floors include polyurethane paint and single-tone epoxy.  Polyurethane has been used for years for garage floors, the main benefit being that you can apply it yourself and no special skills are required. However the reality is that polyurethane, while more durable than simple concrete paint, does not have superior abrasion resistance. Over time, grit on your tyres will cause scratches, which can turn into tears.  Single tone epoxy provides a tougher, more durable finish, but being a smooth surface tends to create ‘tyre squeek’ which can be annoying in your home.  Both of these options can get slippery when wet too, which is not ideal for the elderly or for kids running around.

There’s no doubt that by a wide margin, Epoxy Flake is the best flooring option for your home garage.

Epoxy Flake Finish

Garage Floors

Epoxy flake finish can include a variety of different flakes – from tiny reflective flakes that give a glamourous appearance, to larger and mixed colour flakes that give a more rustic or concrete-like feel. The Epoxy layer can be applied over any rigid surface, leaving a super hard-wearing non-slip floor finish.

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