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Granicrete Flooring

Granicrete floors are custom designed by you! You tell us what you are looking for and we help you design you own floor! It’s a fun and exciting process that gives you the ultimate experience in choosing your own floor. We are totally dedicated to your needs, and work very hard to design a floor that will suit your desires. Granicrete Floors are exclusive in the market. Exclusive, because if you have a Granicrete Floor you have a one of a kind piece of art that no one else will ever have; and also because no other company has our products or our ability to make such a personalised statement in your workplace or home.

Granicrete Floors are what is know as a “cement based” “Concrete Overlay System”. It is a very versatile system because we can virtually apply it to any surface, replicate any look, and colour it to suit any environment, whether it be commercial or domestic.

After thoroughly cleaning the floor’s surface, we trowel on the cement compound. Depending on what finish you want, we will either trowel the compound to give it a bit of texture or we can trowel it to be quite smooth. We then stain the cement compound in the chosen colours and patterns. After the floor cures and the stain dries (usually 12 hours) we will then seal it with our own UV stable Crystal Top Sealers.

We manufacture our own products in Melbourne. We have developed our products and systems over many years. This personal touch means that we can use our products to their fullest potential.

Granicrete Floors can be applied over tiles, concrete, wood floors and linoleum. Basically the system can be applied over any surface that is clean and structurally sound.

The properties of our product allow us to save our clients a heap of money when renovating. For instance if you are looking for a polished concrete look and have tiles at the moment, we can install a Granicrete Floor right over the tiles without having to take up the tiles, saving you time, back-breaking labor, and money!

Even though we prefer to be part of the planning from the beginning we are often able to meet the tightest of schedules in a moments notice. So whether you have a commercial or domestic project and are building from scratch, starting a renovation project, or even right in the middle of it all, GIVE US A CALL!

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