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Logo’s & Other Patterns

Granicrete Australia has all the experience, techniques, skills and tools to create any pattern or logo for your home that you would like. Many homeowners want something different and something that is truly going to represent their creative desires and highlight their homes. That is why we have all the services you need to make sure it happens.


Logos are important as they define a statement about a family or a house. We here have the skills and techniques to customise a house or building with your desired logo. All you have to do is show us an example of your logo and we will do the rest.

Family Crests.

Many families have crests that represent themselves and what their families stand for. We can help them design and customise their home with their personal family crest. We can have their family crest imprinted across their homes, wherever they feel like they want it.

Other Patterns.

From stripes to dots, from glazing to wood-looking styles, Granicrete Australia can make sure that regardless of what type of pattern you want in your home, we can deliver it for you. We have a wide selection of options styles, colours, designs and patterns available for our selection, which can be customised to suit your creative needs.

Our team of professionals are waiting for you to get in touch with us! Get in touch with touch with us today, and we will help you with all your logos, crests and pattern projects that you need completed in your home.

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