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Granicrete Australia has always worked its magic to make sure that clients and customers around Melbourne get the service they want. Our aim, since the beginning of our operations, has been to ensure that we go above and beyond to guarantee that the requests and requirements of our clients are met.

Honest Approach.

We do not believe in duping clients so that we get the best deals. We are all about ensuring that clients are treated with respect and honest. With us by your side, we will talk to you directly and honestly, providing you with sound advice and an honest approach to your project.

Planned Around You.

When you come to us, we build a strong and solid plan around your preferences. We take into account your creativity, your artistic nature, your desired requirements and your budget. By building a solid foundation around these preferences, we are securing a successful approach to meeting your needs and requirements.

Wide Selection of Services.

Whatever requirements you need, we have the service for you. As Melbourne’s finest polisher, we have the skills, the abilities and the passion to work on any floor on your property and make it stand out. With Granicrete Australia, you will always have the service you want.

Easy To Reach.

If you feel it is about time to experience the Granicrete Australia difference, then contact us today. We are ready when you need us, and can be reached directly on 03 9467 9111 or you can email us on

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