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About Granicrete Australia

Granicrete Australia is not your average flooring company. Our company is built on inspiration. Our floors, our furniture, our waterfalls and wall panels are all made with passion and inspiration. Creativity is within us all. At Granicrete Australia we live for it!

Don is our director.

Don says “There is a process in every created piece. Inspiration, seeing a vision, design, colour coordinating, sample making, redesign, dreaming, then doing! The finished product is the realization of the hard work, the fun times and sometimes pure anguish that goes into it.”

Don has won several awards for his work and has brought his experience from years of working with many different mediums into his love of creating with concrete. “Concrete is a very formidable medium. If we are working on a floor, the floor is not just a floor, it becomes a huge painting that people will admire and use everyday. If we are working on a piece of furniture, then we connect with how it is going to be used and by whom, we ask ourselves, is it pleasing to the eye? Is it comfortable? Does it inspire?”

Granicrete Australia is not about floors or pieces of furniture, it is about the people that enjoy what we have created for them. The most joy that we get from a piece of art that we have created is the look on our clients’ faces when they first see it completed.

Here are just a few of the comments that Granicrete Australia clients have said.

“There was no other choice out there for our home, I am so glad we contacted you!”

“So much better then what I expected”

“Absolutely perfect!”

“It goes extremely well with the rest of the house”

“You have designed and finished this floor to look as if it were in the architectural plans when the house was built.”

“You have saved us so much money on the staircase in our office and it looks fantastic.”

“At Granicrete Australia our whole goal is to please our client.”
Don Jenkins:

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