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Granicrete Coverstone Finish

Granicrete Coverstone floors are a unique product designed in our own lab from a combination of cement compounds, specialised stains and sealers. Our floor designers work with you to understand your space, including factors such as the amount of foot traffic, the flow of the room, and the direction of the lighting. We then design a colour scheme and pattern that makes a unique & seamless masterpiece to the finished floor.

Coverstone flooring is laid down in several steps. First, we prepare the existing surface. We can lay the Coverstone compounds on top of concrete, brick, tile or yellow tongue – basically any structurally solid surface. We can also use raw gyprock as the base when applying Coverstone finish to interior walls.

Whatever the substrate, we level and seal the existing surface. Next, we lay the cement compounds and apply stain as needed to match your interior design. Finally, we apply 3 coats of sealing compounds leaving the finish anywhere from high gloss to matt, as suits your needs.

Why Choose Granicrete Coverstone Finish?

Coverstone is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something completely unique, but at the same time with a more natural stone-like appearance. Thanks to the incredible versatility of this product, we can deliver anything from travertine marble to sandstone or more subtle slate-like look.

Because the finished surface is designed with your specific space in mind, it is ultimately customizable, and the end product is perfect every time. Since we lay the compounds over the existing floor surface, it’s a much more forgiving of the existing floor condition. For that reason it’s a great solution for commercial space refurbishments and home renovations.

An interior designer’s dream – hugely versatile and completely customizable to match your colour scheme and room flow

Extremely hard wearing & resilient. Won’t scratch or stain like other off the shelf flooring materials

Seamless & hygienic. The finished product is 90% less prone to mould than tile, and its seamlessness makes it a breeze to keep clean and looking spectacular.

Leaves you with a totally unique, natural stone-like appearance. No two floors are the same!

Granicrete Coverstone Floor is Available in:


The cement compounds make Granicrete Coverstone one of the toughest floors for commercial and residential spaces.

Easy to Clean

The seamless and antimicrobial nature of the finish makes it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene.

The ultimate in versatile elegance, with an organic feeling to the end result.

Can be finished in non-slip surface, particularly useful for wet areas or entranceways.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Granicrete Coverstone

As Granicrete Coverstone finish is a product developed by Granicrete, its less well known than Epoxy Flooring. For that reason we get quite a few questions about how and where this can be used. We hope you’ll find the answers you’re looking for below, but don’t forget that every floor is designed specifically for your space – we highly recommend giving us a call to discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granicrete Coverstone

No. Granicrete Coverstone is like the next evolution from Epoxy, using a unique blend of cement compounds, stains and sealers to achieve a unique finish. Coverstone finish can only be delivered for you by Granicrete Australia.

Yes it could be, but we don’t recommend it. Although we can deliverCoverstone with a non-slip surface suitable for a garage, the work involved with the pigmentation and patterns makes it an expensive solution for this type of space. We recommend Epoxy Flake finish for garages.

$120 – $160 psqm + GST ( based on application to a clean concrete floor)

No. Due to the sealing and hardening process, the Coverstone floor is like rock and will not get stained with things like red wine, or get pitted if walked on with high heels.