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Fashion Floors

The Granicrete Fashion floor is a designer floor that is custom designed and installed for each individual client. No two floors are alike.

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Fit For Purpose Fashion Floors

Granicrete's fashion floors are suitable for any area where there is foot traffic and can be adopted for small commercial uses such as showrooms and offices.

Kitchen & Dining


Ideal users:

Residential and small scale commercial users.


50 sqm


A combination of unique cement compounds coupled with specialised stains and sealers to achieve the desired decorative and extremely durable qualities


Usually 1-2 team members per 50sqm area

Time to complete:

4-5 days depending on desired durability and decorative qualities

Pricing range:

$75-$150 per sqm


Glue Removal:

Likely depending on the state of the floor


Highly likely depending on the desired system (MMs or GFF layer)

Floor levelling:

Likely depending on the state of the floor or design


Likely depending on the purpose of the floor

Our Fashion Floor Process

We grind the existing concrete to remove all the contaminants and give the concrete a key for the compounds to adhere to.

We will then seal the floor to stop any contaminants in the concrete from leaching into the new floor and to make the porosity of the concrete equal across the floor.

Once the sealer has cured, we will then install the cement compound overlay and allow it to cure.

Next, we stain the new floor to give the desired look and then seal the floor with 3 coats of sealer. The floor can be from high gloss to near complete matte.

Case Study

Granicrete Keilor Factory

At our Keilor factory, we have a 45 sqm area which we were not using because it had ugly tiles and not ideal for our brand. It has been our long term desire to renovate this space to become a place of meeting with our customers and stakeholders as a showroom. Being a generic factory shell, their flooring was made of grouted tiles which offered no decorative features that we could build our public brand on.

So we implemented Granicrete Fashion Floor over the top of the tiles to give off a decorative seamless floor. The unique styling of the floor beautifies the floor and makes it a primary feature. We believe this is the most efficient style of floor to implement both on cost and operational perspectives. Our team is very happy with the floor and its because a monument that marks our creative regeneration throguh the Covid Crisis.

Why not create your own monument today?

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