Redefine Your Kitchen Aesthetics with Our Polished Concrete Benchtop Melbourne. Our Designs Are Crafted to be the Centerpiece of Your Space!

Concrete is the most useable material in the construction process. It is also known as the best foundation for the floor. The limitation with a concrete slab floor is that it doesn’t offer a variety of designs that can match the interiors of a building. The static approach of concrete floors drew architects and interior designers to come up with the idea of polished concrete. With the introduction of polished concrete, now you also have the option to go for a polished concrete benchtop Melbourne.

The polished concrete benchtop is a multi-step way of getting the required design for the kitchen. Granicrete uses a number of materials and mechanical approaches to grind, hone, and polish concrete, along with abrasives, to achieve a glossy benchtop.

polished concrete benchtop MelbournePolished Concrete Benchtop Melbourne

The process of polishing the concrete benchtop includes using a penetrating chemical or a hardener. Granicrete uses this hardener to get a dust-proof surface. This involves four steps of grinding the benchtop to get the required glossy look.

The tools used for grinding include progressive grits of diamond in a bonded industrial material. It could be of the following diamond polishing pads:

  • Metal
  • Hybrid
  • Resin

Polished concrete is referred to as a green option that got certification from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The concrete polishing requires a minimum of 1600 grits to 3000 plus grit levels. Granicrete has unique dyes that can produce eye-catching concrete polishing with multiple colour schemes. Further options include scoring, grid designs, bands, borders polishing and radial line designing.

Honed Finish

It is to be noted that any grinding under 1600 grit is a honed finish. A honed finish means very limited grinding of concrete to get a smooth texture for a matte finish. For naturally polished stones like marble and granite, the honing process eliminates the reflective surface to achieve a matte look. Other types of stone have inconsistent and bumpy surfaces that are often rigid. Honing these stones will achieve a uniform texture, preparing them for concrete polishing.

Advantages of Granicrete Polished Concrete Benchtop Melbourne

We are in the business of creating and installing the polished concrete benchtop Melbourne using state-of-the-art polishing techniques and materials.

The Appearance of Polished Concrete

The polished concrete slab is a good way to get a shiny appearance and also adds value to the property.

Slip Resistance

Polished concrete tends to become slippery. However, we can add a material to make it anti-slippery without decreasing the shine or smoothness.

Low Maintenance

There is no need for high maintenance activity when you have a polished concrete surface. A polished concrete surface by Granicrete only requires general cleaning using normal cleaning supplies. So you won’t have to pay for expensive cleaning materials and supplies.

Scratch Resistant

Polished concrete benchtops are time tested against scratches, and there will be less repair work.

Stain Resistant

The polished surface is less prone to stains. There will be no water patches on the surface as it acts as anti-moisture.

Granicrete Concrete Polishing

Though the inspiration to start Granicrete lays back in 1975, Granicrete Australia Pty Ltd started in 2007. We have laid down thousands of floors since then. Our clients are from every walk of life, including commercial, domestic, industrial buildings, NGOs and others. Keeping in view the feedback and needs of our clients, we have developed our own product named Coverstone.

The thing that attracts people to go for Coverstone is that we don’t stick to hard and fast rules. Rather, we prefer to meet the expectations of clients by keeping in view the unique traits of the site. We use material combinations to get the best polished benchtops in Melbourne, Australia.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Flooring Melbourne

We have evolved as a team and as the best company through time that has benchtop and flooring solutions. We now lead the commercial flooring market. We are always creating new concepts for our Coverstone flooring with the cooperation of our new clientele. There are no boundaries to what we can achieve when it comes to commercial flooring concepts.

Our crew began by constructing modest epoxy flooring for warehouses and has now completed work for some of the biggest companies in the industry. These include

  • Crown Casino
  • Foot Locker
  • Asics
  • Bertochi Small Goods
  • Fenner-Dunlop

Epoxy Floor Paints

Epoxy flooring is named after Epoxy resin, which is the primary component of Epoxy floor solutions by Granicrete. Our experts mixed the liquid resin on-site. We pay attention to details as we offer customization of the next level by treating each piece, adding colours, stains, or flakes before being patterned during installation to produce a one-of-a-kind surface. Once poured, the liquid resin takes about three days to fully cure, giving an extremely hard-wearing, perfect surface.

The number of customers who prefer to use concrete epoxy products is expanding as a result of the convincing and enhanced benefits of epoxy paints. Epoxy concrete paint is now preferred by building engineers, interior designers, and architects as a more cost-effective alternative to placing a marble on the floor.

It is designed to complement any colour scheme and may be applied to almost any surface. Once cured, epoxy flooring provides remarkable durability and a smooth mould-resistant finish that is more hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles, carpet, concrete, or parquet floors.

Epoxy Garage Floor

The garage is where we keep our automobiles. The tyres are in direct touch with the road, and when we park our car in the garage, they carry dust and grime with them. Before completing the epoxy paint in the garage, it is critical to clear any clutter, waste, and rubbish. Granicrete’s epoxy professionals first prepare the floor for epoxy treatment. We conduct a moisture test to guarantee that there is no moisture inside the concrete. Moisture is bad for epoxy since it won’t adhere correctly and will break quickly.