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Interior Walls

Add Depth to Your Room Design With Coverstone Walls

Not content with giving you just a beautiful floor, Coverstone walls are the latest innovation to come from our Granicrete lab. When you want to take your interior design to the next level, nothing adds depth and magnificence to a space than a wall finished with Granicrete Coverstone!

Why Choose Granicrete Coverstone for your Interior Walls?

Taking advantage of this finish on your walls is like turning your whole wall into a canvas. It’s an expression of your personality. It can be used to make floor seem like it goes on forever! Just like the flooring solution, your Coverstone wall is incredibly versatile, and can be designed to be natural looking or loud & proud.

Granicrete Coverstone Walls

Flowstone Walls

Coverstone can be applied over concrete or finished gyprock walls. We can finish the surface in either gloss or matt finish to suit your tastes. The single join-free and waterproof finish makes it dust resistant and virtually mould-proof, providing a superior solution for wet areas.


Internal Wall Experts MelbourneHighly Skilled and Experienced Internal Wall Experts Melbourne for Premium Wall Finishing

Are you looking for an option to cover the internal concrete wall? Do you wonder how to cover interior concrete walls? Do you want to make your internal wall soundproof or less noisy? Granicrete takes pride in offering Coverstone walls that can add value to your building, reduce external sound, and stand harsh weather conditions. Further, you will get a more attractive look and can take it as a home improvement plan. Granicrete Australia has professional internal wall experts Melbourne. We have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Our Internal Wall Experts Melbourne Can Add Beauty to Your Walls

Nothing adds depth and majesty to a place like a wall coated with Granicrete Coverstone when you want to give the interior wall design a next-level look! You can benefit from a Coverstone wall finish which will make your wall like a canvas that can express your personality traits. You can also add any artefact or design as per your own taste. It is a great idea to add versatility to concrete or gyprock walls. You have to decide whether you want a glossy look or a matte finish for your wall. Our internal wall experts Melbourne can help you choose the perfect design for your walls. Our wall work is without any joint, and it is dust and water-resistant, preventing any mould build-up.

Bedroom Wall Design

Bedroom wall design is an aesthetic idea that requires knowledge of diffuse colouring, secularity, glossiness, and the impact that various colours have on the environment in relation to space. Varied textures impart different sensations to the surfaces of materials, and selecting a suitable texture might be the difference between a shaded harmonised look and an undisciplined dull one. In addition, lighting is the last idea that must be addressed. Our experts can help you transform your dream bedroom to reality by providing you with the perfect bedroom wall designs.

A good way to improve the look of your room is to design the walls artistically. The following textures should be used for this. Wallpapers and décor items with shelves should be dull and matted, and the wall should be coated with a very smooth finish emulsion. They should not be gleaming or sparkly.

Bedroom design ideas are a fascinating topic that is far from limited. This is only limited by one’s imagination and can result in amazing combinations that alter the surroundings in wholly unexpected ways. The plan for wall decorating mentioned above is only one, and it is most likely the most prevalent. Other suggestions can undoubtedly alter the overall appearance of a room in an altogether unique way.

Get Your Walls Designed by Granicrete

If you are completing a basement or living in a house made of concrete blocks, you may get an unpleasant internal wall look composed of exposed concrete blocks. Covering up these blocks will significantly improve your interior living areas’ attractiveness. Granicrete has various options that are neither difficult nor costly. Our internal wall experts Melbourne can help you transform your house from an ordinary-looking structure of concrete blocks into an artistic place where you would love to spend your time.

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