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Interior Floors

Unique Solutions that Turn Ordinary Floors into Unique Talking Points

You’ve walked into a thousand homes and seen a thousand variations of the same ordinary floors. Wood floors. Laminate flooring. Tiles. Carpet. They’re all nice enough, but can you honestly say that any of them stood out with real ‘wow factor’? Are you aware of what impression your own floor is leaving on visitors? Does it inspire you and lift your spirits every time you walk in the door? Is it creating that powerful just-gotta-have-it selling point that will make your property more compelling that all others in the street?

If you’ve never thought about flooring this way before – it’s time to change the game! We’re here to help you install the most stunning, unique and inspiring floor that you could possibly imagine.

How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Home Flooring

The floor is the most important surface of the whole house to get right. That’s why interior design always starts with the floor. But choosing the right solution can be difficult. Of course, budget plays a factor in all decisions, but with a floor there are many other things to think about. Will you be living in the home, renting it or selling it? What is the foundation of the floor – concrete slab; yellow tongue; tile; raw boards? Are you looking for something truly unique or something you think will appeal to the masses? What is the purpose of the space?

All these questions and more needs to be kept in mind. It can seem a bit of a minefield, but the Granicrete team are here to help be your guides & make sure you end up with the most beautiful flooring for your space.

For internal floors, we recommend Granicrete Coverstone, Epoxy Flake or Mechanically Polished Concrete finishes. To find out what’s right for you, check out our overview below and click through to each one for more details.

Granicrete Coverstone

Fashion Flooring

Granicrete Coverstone is the ultimate evolution of Epoxy Resin flooring. This finish delivers a micro-textured stone-like appearance that is like one seamless slab across your whole area. We can customize the look and feel to any colour scheme and design the flow and pattern to match the movement between doorways & walkways. You’re left with a totally unique finish that is simply spectacular.

Coverstone finish can be designed and installed over any structurally rigid base, including concrete, tile and yellow tongue. This makes it a great internal flooring solution for renovations as well as new builds.

Epoxy Flake Flooring


Epoxy flake finish can include a variety of different flakes – from tiny reflective flakes that give a glamourous appearance, to larger and mixed colour flakes that give a more rustic or concrete-like feel. The Epoxy layer can be applied over any rigid surface, leaving a super hard-wearing non-slip floor finish. Its extremely durable, seamless and non-slip properties make it the ideal solution for garage floors and other wet areas.  It is also a wonderfully modern look for commercial areas like shop floors and public walkways.

Polished Concrete

Internal Floors

Unlike the other two options above, as the name implies, polished concrete uses your existing slab to form the final surface. Depending on the quality of the slab, this can be an extended process as we grind the surface back, fill holes and imperfections, and apply various chemicals to harden, seal and stain your concrete to the desired colour.  There are two main techniques. Grind & Seal pares back the top surface, and applies a sealer cover to prevent the concrete being stained. The other option is mechanically polished concrete, which hones the surface to a polished granite-like appearance. 

Because no new material is added on top of the concrete, the original flow and mix of stones in the aggregates shine through, leaving interesting variation in pattern to the finished floor. On new builds, this can result in a spectacular finish. We don’t always recommend it for renovation projects depending on the condition of the concrete.

Metallic Epoxy Finish

Meta Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy is for those looking to make a bold statement in their floor. The Epoxy resin is custom pigmented and mixed on site with metallic pigments. The finished article offers an iridescent effect, and shimmers in the light as you walk across it in a semi three-dimensional way. With a glass-like finish, it’s a spectacular surface for entryways, hallways and larger entertaining areas like dance floors, conservatories etc.

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