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As the popularity of concrete furniture products grows, polished concrete is becoming increasingly fashionable in homes for good reason. This type’s ultimate outcome is nothing short of magnificent. Polished Concrete Furniture Melbourne may be utilised to improve your home’s appearance in various ways. Granicrete is a team of experts who take pride in making a wide range of concrete shapes, designs and fountains by sculpting concrete in different shapes.

concrete furniture melbourneConcrete Furniture Melbourne Products

Concrete owns the ability to offer shapes you can imagine. This ability makes the concrete ideal for making concrete furniture of different shapes and designs, including characters like horses, lions, birds, fountains, trees or statues of famous personalities.

Most people consider that use of concrete is limited to building construction only or making slabs for concrete flooring. People didn’t take concrete seriously as a material we can recline on, dine off of, display books and knickknacks on, or design into a conference room or home office furniture.

Concrete furniture may be utilised in a variety of settings and places, including gardens, walkways, bathrooms and kitchens. Concrete furniture has become not only lighter in weight but also an exceptionally durable addition to the interior of houses thanks to advances in technology. Years of study have resulted in the ability to create and personalise concrete furniture so that it does not appear overly hard or unpleasant. When the furniture is polished, the end result is quite breathtaking!

Countertops Made of Concrete

One of the most frequent ways that homeowners incorporate polished concrete into their homes is by installing worktops. Countertops are becoming increasingly popular in homes for a variety of reasons. Countertops, like floors, may be stained to show off your favourite designs and patterns. People adore diverse countertops because they can be customised and created in practically any manner while being the most visible area of a kitchen.

Worktops made of concrete, like concrete floors, can be polished to have glossy surfaces that not only seem a luxury but also add value and aesthetics to the place.

Concrete Flooring

Polishing is an excellent approach to improving the overall appearance of your home. Diamond grinding is one of the most preferred ways for this flooring. When the diamond grinding method is utilised to clean the floor, polishing equipment with diamond abrasives and a resin matrix is employed.

They have a smooth and lustrous surface after they have been polished with the diamond grinding procedure. Polishing is becoming more popular as a low-cost method of imitating the appearance of genuine stones such as marble and granite.

Colouring Concrete Floors With Stains

Colouring concrete floors with stains is another excellent approach to improve their appearance. Thanks to acid staining, people will never have to suffer with drab and uninteresting solid-coloured cement floors again! The options for staining are nearly limitless. When stained concrete is polished, it not only appears more appealing but also more individualised.

Colouring concrete floors with stains is a process used to add colour and a unique aesthetic to a concrete floor. This process can transform a plain concrete slab into a visually appealing surface. There are two main types of concrete stains: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics.

Acid Stains: Acid-based chemical stains penetrate the concrete surface and react chemically with the concrete’s hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) to change its colour. These stains create a mottled, variegated, translucent colouring effect that is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials. Acid stains are available in a limited range of earth-toned colours.

Water-Based Stains: Water-based acrylic stains are non-reactive and create a more uniform and consistent colour. These stains penetrate the concrete to produce permanent colour, ranging from translucent to opaque, depending on the product. The colour palette is much broader with water-based stains, and they are easier to apply.

Affordable Solution

Polished concrete is more affordable than traditional flooring alternatives such as natural stones and tiles. With the correct polish, the beauty of concrete flooring is simply astonishing, and the infinite number of styles ensures that you may get a highly appealing aesthetic. Furthermore, installing and maintaining is inexpensive, ensuring that your ownership experience is truly gratifying and appealing. Because many businesses and commercial institutions have previously embraced polished concrete, homeowners are renewing interest in the material.

Polished Concrete Furniture Melbourne Expert for Home

Building polished Concrete Furniture Melbourne for your house is a fantastic concept because the completed result is both durable and aesthetically beautiful. Like other furniture possibilities, your creativity may be integrated from the start, which is a huge advantage. Our experts will take the following three steps approaches for your concrete furniture:

Area Inspection

Our experts will examine the area where you intend to place your new concrete furniture. Because concrete is typically heavy, it may be challenging to move the final output. Dragging and changing the position of concrete furniture can damage the sculpture.

This is why we will inspect the space where you intend to put it. We will ensure that a permanent fixture will not do any harm in the long run.

Accurate Measurements

After inspection, we will take all necessary measurements of the space. This will give an estimate of the size of your furnishings. You can give your input for the design you want.


Once you finalise the design, we will sketch it to give you a feel of it. If you are an expert, you can perform the above-mentioned steps, and we will take over from sketching based on your measurements and inputs. For the best result, it is critical to work closely together. It will ensure that the height and breadth of the furniture or statue are appropriate for your needs.

Choosing a desktop version design seems to be a challenging task. With a few strategic commitments, it’s not that difficult for professionals. It would be best to consider the paintings on your walls and the colours you may choose when you update them. It is crucial that the design should match the furniture, lighting in the area and painting. It is because your furniture should be a terrific addition to your room that will bring a WOW effect.

Concrete Furniture Types

When it comes to personalised polished concrete furniture, the choices are practically limitless. Custom furniture can be incorporated into any space, including kitchens, baths, and living rooms. Previously, most people avoided concrete furniture since the work done was stiff and sophisticated. Years of study have resulted in the lightweight and customisation capabilities that today allow users to create personalised furniture that is not only attractive but also incredibly durable. As concrete can be shaped and coloured into a number of forms, dimensions, and sizes, it is not uncommon to see it utilised for all sorts of furniture.