Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Frankston

Polished Concrete FrankstonThe floor is indeed the main part of any building that protects not only the building but also its residents. Mainly, floors are made of concrete that can withstand moisture and extreme climate. The material involved in making the floor is crucial for its robustness, while polishing is the process that makes the floor shining and glossy look. It is important that the floor installer must be an expert in their work from the start of the foundation laying till the polishing process. Granicrete is the leading Australian company that offers the best polished concrete Frankston in the town.

Epoxy Flooring Frankston

Granicrete is a renowned Australian company with expertise in floor installations. We deal in all concrete and epoxy flooring solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We can help you turn your home floor into an attractive one with a jaw-dropping look and shine. We offer epoxy flooring Frankston that can turn ordinary-looking concrete floors into attractive and unique home floors.

We use heavy-duty industrial grade 2 pack epoxy for primer and base coat on the concrete base slab. After the base coat epoxy gets ready, the second phase involves flake broadcast. You can always talk with our experts and discuss free quotes and expert consultation in Frankston.

Polished Concrete Frankston

Our artistic flooring work will turn your floor from an ordinary walkway into a beautiful eye-catching floor design. We do our best to allow your floor surface to bust with an excellent wow factor to win you a smile. With incredible flooring options and our polished concrete Frankston service, you aren’t sidelined to choose dusty carpets only. Further, the hard-to-clean grouted tiles are no more as our flooring solutions empower you to have seamless floors that are easy to clean.

Interior Floors

The floor is the most crucial surface in the entire house. As a result, interior design always begins with the floor. However, selecting the best option might be tricky. Of course, budget is a consideration in all decisions, but with a floor, many other factors exist. Will you live in the house, rent it out, or sell it? What is the floor’s basis – concrete slab, yellow tongue, tile, or bare boards? Are you searching for something unique or something you believe would appeal to a broad audience? What is the space’s function?

Being leading industry experts, we propose Granicrete Coverstone, Epoxy Flake, or Mechanically Polished Concrete finishes for your indoor floors.

The reasons why people choose our flooring solutions include;

  • Durable flooring solutions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Elegant style and looking
  • Customization, i.e. non-slippery floor surface

Interior Walls

After floors, walls are the ones that attract attention and can add worth to any property. Granicrete offers attractive wall design ideas. Our Coverstone Wall design adds more depth to any room. The wall Coverstone can be designed as per your personality. Consider the Coverstone as a canvas you can fill with your design.

Garage Floors

Instead of a dusty rough-concrete slab-based shed adjacent to the house for vehicle parking, modern home designs are increasingly turning garages into an extension of the home building. Granicrete has a skilful approach that you need to ensure an excellent high-end garage floor finish, whether you’re looking for an easy-to-clean and extremely low-maintenance garage floor or an enormous space to show off your vehicle collection.

Preparation Work

Preparation is crucial for any project that involves epoxy treatment. Otherwise, you could wreak havoc on your garage. Our staff will take sufficient time and due diligence to wash and prepare the surface for epoxy. We do pressure wash and rinse the floor thoroughly to ensure there is no grease, dust or garbage leftover.

After the washing process, we left the surface to dry for a specific time. Afterwards, our epoxy floor experts will fill up any whole, cracks or gaps with floor sealer.

Concrete Repair

We believe that concrete should be made to last and that our high-quality protection systems and repair materials may greatly extend a structure’s life beyond its original design life.

We can recommend the flooring solution that is most suited to your demands. It involves usability and technical qualities from our wide variety of repair, strengthening, and protection solutions, such as our market-leading, high-performance Coverstone, which is made for floors and walls.

Surface Treatment

We treat large cracks with a grinder and diamond blade and scuff up the area as well as smooth out any large divots. We will grind any area bearing signs of any oil leaks from vehicles and get the bare concrete. This will ensure the proper adhesion of epoxy and bondage. Any high spots due to repair work are ground with sandpaper.

Cost-Effective and Durable Floor Solutions

If you're seeking low-cost concrete or epoxy flooring Frankston, you've come to the correct spot. Our Granicrete Coverstone is a one-of-a-kind flooring options ideal for home interiors, restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces.