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durable concrete coatings MelbourneAre you looking for durable concrete coatings Melbourne for your office, warehouse or business? Do you want to get your floor coated with something that won’t only look beautiful but is also robust and environmentally friendly? If so, look no further! Granicrete Australia provides durable concrete coatings at the best rates.

Our crew began by creating small epoxy floors in warehouses and has since done projects for Crown Casino, Foot Locker, Asics, Bertochi Small Goods, and Fenner-Dunlop, as well as metallurgical projects. Several thousand squares. As well as FDC Construction and Fit Out, among others. We’ve grown as a team and a corporation throughout time and currently lead the commercial and industrial sectors. With the help of our new customers, we are always coming up with fresh ideas for our floors.

What Is Concrete Coating Melbourne?

Concrete coating Melbourne is a liquid finish applied to concrete, whether paint, cement overlay or epoxy. Any concrete flooring in your home or business can be assembled to suit your needs and style.

Concrete floor coatings can be an excellent addition to your space, mainly if used in a garage. If you have concrete floorings, using floor coating will help you minimize damage and extend the lifespan of your concrete floor. Our experts at Granicrete Australia can help you use high-quality concrete adhesives to deliver these benefits to your property.

Are Epoxy and Paint Different?

It is a common misconception, but epoxy is not the same as paint. The paint is made of latex acrylic. Epoxy is a strong adhesive. While the paint dries, epoxy cures it. Using it may seem like an untrained eye, but the materials work significantly differently.

If your old broken concrete needs to be repaired, epoxy is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and prevent aging and sadness in the future, and it is much better than paint.

Benefits of Concrete Coatings

Here are a few essential benefits of covering the floor with concrete.


Concrete coatings are resilient and do not crack like floor tiles. The premium coating product such as polyurea has chemical and heat resistance and is not easily absorbed by the hot tire skin. Whether looking down at your garage, patio, entrance, storage area, or office, think of a floor that can withstand all kinds of pressures. Concrete coating is an inexpensive and probably the most well-known method in any commercial environment. You can count on your epoxy to be resilient. It protects the concrete from cracking and moisture (not to mention stains) and preserves it for decades without cracking or peeling.

Low Maintenance

Professionally coating creates a seamless finish that will not carry pet dander, germs, or dust. It’s also easy to clean! A mop and a gentle cleaning agent, like laundry soap, will keep your floor looking fresh. Most concrete fabrics need to be sealed or anointed every 6-12 months and wholly renewed every two to fifteen years. If you choose an epoxy-based solution, your concrete adhesives can easily last for the foreseeable future.


Transform your rough concrete into a smooth, resilient surface by finishing it with durable concrete coatings Melbourne. Use it in areas full of cars in your home so you can stop worrying about young children or adults stepping on a cracked floor. Use concrete coatings, such as epoxy, to ensure that your workplace complies with OSHA rules that provide safe footing in your workplace.


One of the best benefits of concrete covering is its design options that are almost limitless to match any taste and style. Interior designers and architects appreciate the ultimate freedom of design when choosing a concrete dressing solution.

Remember that concrete coverings are not limited to the garage. Don’t forget about your entire home or office. The concrete cover is ideal for a shopping mall, restaurant or warehouse.

Resistant To Chemicals

Epoxy is highly resistant to harsh chemicals that can damage your concrete floor. From bleach to transfer fluid, you can dump almost anything in your epoxy-coated area, leave it for a while, then wipe it off over time and see no side effects. That’s why epoxy is a ground-based alternative to chemical plants, hospitals, car garages and more.

Resistant to Hot Tire Pickup

Epoxy coatings are excellent for your garage because you will not cause the hot tires to stick to the floor when you park after a long drive. Your rubber tires are hot when driving and can soften pores of low quality, like acrylic paint. Then when the tires cool and contract, they pull upwards and cause delamination. This has never been a problem if a professional puts on your epoxy coating. You usually get a warranty for your completed project that guarantees protection from issues such as picking up hot tires.

Attractive and Professional

It looks beautiful and smooth, and you can choose the colour and design you like. Getting a solid coating of attractive concrete is possible – epoxy makes it possible.

As it is applied over your concrete flooring, it is the only cost you pay for landscaping, building materials and work. It is an inexpensive way to regenerate your aging concrete.

Cleanses Easily

As it does not catch germs, epoxy is very easy to clean. You can clean it quickly, requiring a little care to keep your floors looking good.

Add Light to Dark Spaces

Because of its bright properties, epoxy can significantly enhance the light inside your dark garage or shady storage. It improves safety and improves the environment to create better working conditions.

concrete coating MelbourneDamage Resistance

Concrete floor coverings help to provide a protective layer over your concrete surfaces. It helps reduce the chances of damage that will affect your flooring. The concrete coating Melbourne is beneficial in high-risk areas, such as garages. For example, concrete floor coverings can increase the local resistance of concrete to water damage or damage caused by chemical spills.

Safe Environment

It is no secret that concrete areas can be slippery, especially when wet. Concrete bottom coatings can help add a layer of resistance to slipperiness. It can help prevent damage problems when the floor is very slippery.

Little Maintenance

Concrete floor coverings do not require many repairs to keep them in good condition. When using this glassware, you will usually be able to reduce the amount of maintenance needed for your flooring. Reducing maintenance also leads to lower maintenance costs, saving you money.

Long-Term Protection

Concrete flooring has a long life. This long-lasting protection will help extend the life of your concrete areas. By extending the life span of your concrete floors, you will be able to reduce the cost of replacing your flooring.

Improve Appearance

Concrete floor coverings can significantly enhance the look of your concrete floors. They can be used to change the look of your concrete flooring and to ensure that it meets all your preferences for your beauty. When you work with our experts, you can use the right concrete floor to improve the look of your property.

concrete coatings MelbourneEconomic Option

Installing concrete coatings is surprisingly expensive. This is another affordable way to change concrete areas in your area. Using an excellent concrete floor coating can significantly reduce your costs and save a lot of money over time.

Why Should You Choose Granicrete Australia for Concrete Coatings Melbourne?

We’ve been working with concrete coatings Melbourne for over 14 years. All our personnel are motivated by the idea that everyone deserves a better floor. When you open your house or business, you can count on us to be truthful. Every job eventually ends up with a walkthrough with you. We will not be content unless you are entirely satisfied. Every time you step onto the Granicrete floor, we want you to feel better. We make sure that the flooring has been restored to pristine condition. All of our floorings are backed by the best 7-year guarantee in the business.

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