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Warehouse Floors

Low Maintenance Floors for Warehouses & Storage Areas

They’re not glitzy, and they’re not glamorous, yet warehouses & storage spaces need hard-wearing and low dust floors to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

There’s no doubt that refurbishing the floor in your warehouse or storage area is a hugely inconvenient exercise. It typically involves running down stock reserves and compromising the efficiency of your stock retrieval in other areas as materials are packed together during the downtime.

Fast, efficient & cost-effective surfacing is a must. That’s why Granicrete team is a great choice for your job. No matter how cracked or damaged your existing floor has become, our expert team and investment in the best machinery to grind and repair the existing surface means we can get the job done at least as fast and to a higher standard as any other contractor.

Back by our industry-leading 7-year guarantee, you can have the confidence to know that your warehouse will be pristine and back to full operation as fast as possible.

How to Choose the Right Surface for Your Warehouse Floor

Choosing the right surfacing for your warehouse floor really depends on how the space is used. Are there forklifts travelling across throughout the day, or perhaps just once per week? Is it foot traffic only? Does it need UV protection, be flood safe or need line markings? Is it a behind-the-scenes space or retail customer accessible (e.g., IKEA / Bunnings)?

For most warehouses we recommend either polished concrete or single colour Epoxy. The final choice really comes down to usage and the condition of the existing surface.

To find out which option is best for you, check out the overviews below and click through to each finish type to find out more. We also recommend you call us today to discuss your project and let us help you short-circuit your research for the best possible outcome.

Single Tone Epoxy

Single Tone Epoxy

This is a great solution for all warehouse spaces, both in terms of project cost as well as limiting your downtime. This is especially true for older or heavily damaged slabs – while we can work wonders on concrete that is badly damaged, the extra downtime is generally not desirable and it’s faster to quick grind a flat surface and layer an Epoxy solution that meets the demands of how you use the space. We don’t simply deliver a 2-coat epoxy floor (which is the industry standard), we take the time to understand the needs of your space, and design the appropriate layering and surfacing required.

You can choose any colour for your job, including matching brand colours, and we can also stencil in your brand logo or slogan.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete warehouse floors can look great and be a good solution, especially on new build floors or concrete that is in great condition. Where the warehouse space is only accessed by employees, a Grind & Seal approach can still be suitable, even if the starting surface is heavily worn. We’d only recommend a mechanically polished concrete floor for customer-accessible space on relatively pristine concrete. It will look great and provide a modern feel but does take longer to perfect than the simple grind & seal approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

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The Best Warehouse Flooring Melbourne at an Affordable Price

The warehouse is crucial for businesses to stock products in bulk. The floor and roof are essential parts of any warehouse. A warehouse is just like a lifeline for any business where goods and products can be stored safely. Any company that requires a warehouse must ensure that it is set up appropriately from the outset. A warehouse is more than simply a storage area. It must have the proper shelving systems, floor, roof and emergency protocols in place. Get the Warehouse Flooring Melbourne quote now, secure your supplies, and start making a profit.

Warehouse Flooring Melbourne

Warehouse Flooring Melbourne Design and Planning

Creating a detailed floor plan is a critical step before setting up your warehouse. Visit the location first to get a sense of how much space there is and how you want to arrange all of your products. You’ll need spaces for receiving items, shipping, and plenty of storage space. The layout of all of this will be determined by the commodities stored in your warehouse. Granicrete is an experienced warehouse flooring Melbourne company with experience in laying down hundreds of thousands of square meters of floors of different types.

Understanding the Warehouse Flooring Melbourne

Designing and planning warehouse flooring in Melbourne involves a comprehensive understanding of the space’s functionality, the types of goods to be stored, and the traffic flow within the warehouse. The process begins with a thorough assessment of the warehouse space, taking into account its size, shape, and the specific requirements of the business.

Floor Plan is Key

The floor plan is a critical component of the design process. It should be meticulously planned to ensure efficient use of space and smooth operations. This includes designating areas for receiving and shipping goods, storage, and staff amenities. The layout should be logical and facilitate easy movement of goods and personnel within the warehouse.

The type of goods stored in the warehouse can also influence the flooring design. For instance, heavy goods may require a more robust flooring solution, while goods that are sensitive to dust or moisture may necessitate specific flooring types or treatments.

Choose the Floor Material for your Warehouse Floor

The choice of flooring material is another crucial aspect of warehouse flooring design. Epoxy coatings, polished concrete, and heavy-duty rubber are popular choices for warehouse floors due to their durability, ease of maintenance, and ability to withstand heavy traffic. The choice between a gloss or matt finish can be made based on aesthetic preferences and practical considerations such as light reflection and slip resistance.

In Melbourne, where the climate can vary significantly, it’s also important to consider the impact of temperature and humidity on the warehouse floor. The right flooring solution should be able to withstand these environmental factors without compromising on durability or performance.

What to Choose for Industrial Floor Coatings

A range of attributes makes a given coating ideal for the application, just as there are various coating types to choose from. Consider the following factors when selecting a coating for your application: Two-component coatings provide a more durable coating for high-exposure structures. This sort of coating will provide superior protection for regularly used floors, equipment, and machinery.

Two components (also known as 2K) of polyurethane coatings are paints that need mixing resin and a hardener. This creates a reaction that chemically links the two components together, resulting in a paint coating that is typically superior to one component paints in various respects.

Flooring Warehouse Melbourne

Flooring Warehouse Melbourne

To ensure the safe storage of your products, it’s crucial to install robust and durable flooring warehouse Melbourne that can withstand the weight and movement of the items stored. The warehouse floors must have non-slippery coatings, or the floor paint must be slip-resistant.

Concrete Flooring Warehouse Melbourne by Granicrete

Granicrete specialises in industrial and commercial warehouse floor construction and installation. We do from earthworks right up to completing the Flooring Warehouse Melbourne work. We can make polished concrete floors, epoxy floors and polyurethane coatings. Our policy is to offer a better solution to clients from every walk of life. We are a multidisciplinary floor specialist and offer associated industrial and commercial warehouse flooring services.

Warehouse Floor Repair Work

We specialise in jointless warehouse flooring, suitable for spaces of all sizes, from small warehouses to gigantic ones covering more than a thousand square meters. The thing that attracts clients is that we don’t just leave them after the completion of work. In case of any alteration to the original design, we also provide them with consultancy or rework, if any. We do offer warehouse floor maintenance as well.

As the warehouse floors are subject to continuous use and may have traffic 24/7, they are prone to damage. We also offer a preventative maintenance program for industrial and commercial projects. This ensures the ongoing longevity of their warehouse floor. Due to heavy traffic in a specific area of the warehouse, i.e. forklifts or other machinery can deteriorate quickly.

We can repair these damaged areas using specialised machines and techniques, cutting out the damaged section and reinstating it with fresh concrete and sealer. This repair work won’t disturb the operations of the warehouse. We are always prepared to go the extra mile to assist our clients in every possible way.

Warehouse Floor Polishing

Floor polishing is a crucial step in the installation process of Warehouse Flooring in Melbourne. We are experts in various floor polishing techniques. This could be:

We can showcase many of the products, services and systems we offer to our customers, especially in the polished concrete field. Simply provide us with details about the type of floor, colour scheme, and desired level of shine, and we can provide a competitive quote for your warehouse floor.

Decorative Warehouse Floor

You can enhance your warehouse by choosing from a wide range of high-quality styles to fit any budget. Whether you choose a squared design or any other geometrical shape for Warehouse Flooring Melbourne, we are equipped with modern tools and technology. Our durable floor paint is suitable for a variety of applications, including use on garage floors, warehouse floors, and in workshops. The floor paint may be used on any surface, including wood, steel, brick, stone, and concrete. Our treatments are guaranteed to produce a long-lasting polish and a safe walking surface. Each one is scuff, peel, and chip resistant. We recommend applying floor paint to a clean, dust-free surface to achieve the most significant effects.

Safety Requirements

It’s important to implement safety measures in a warehouse, especially if forklifts will be used. You are obligated by law to post safety signs and any cautions concerning machinery working in the vicinity. You’ll need locations clearly marked out on the floor to highlight where forklifts are in use, and employees will need to know where to walk safely. A first aid kit should be kept in an easily accessible location, such as the kitchen.

Safety is a paramount concern in warehouse design. The flooring should be non-slip, and areas with heavy machinery or forklift traffic should be clearly marked. Consideration should also be given to the installation of drainage systems in the floor design, especially in warehouses dealing with liquid products or those located in areas prone to flooding.

Warehouse Shelving

Determine which shelving solutions will best accommodate the items you plan to store. Purchase excellent shelf solutions that are strong enough to hold the contents safely. Have them professionally installed and verify that they are properly fastened to the walls and the floor. Allow adequate room between shelves to transfer merchandise and to accommodate a forklift if objects can only be moved this way.

Get in Touch

Reaching out to the best warehouse flooring expert in Melbourne is the first step towards achieving a durable, high-quality warehouse floor that meets your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through the process, from initial consultation and design to installation and maintenance. We understand that every warehouse is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalized service that takes into account your operational requirements, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Give us a call at 03 9467 9111 to discuss your project in detail.


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