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Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy delivers the ultimate in high-end feel for a seamless, glamorous floor. When you really want to make a bold statement, look no further than metallic epoxy. Epoxy floors in Melbourne and across Victoria have become very popular in the past few years, and Metallic Epoxy is leading the way.

Metallic Epoxy flooring is laid down in several steps. It’s vital we pour the epoxy over an even and well-sealed surface, and for that reason we take the time to grind back, fill pits and thoroughly seal the underlying concrete.

Next, we mix & pour the liquid resin on site, blended with various colour stains to meet the chosen colour scheme. We drop in the metallic resin and our floor artists create the desired layering and pattern. Once that’s cured and hardened, we apply sealers and clear top coat (typically high gloss to deliver that glass-like finish).

By far, metallic epoxy is the most technically challenging floor covering to get right. There are so many dimensions to it, so many processes and it takes considerable skill and experience. Over the years we’ve answered many cries for help from home owners and businesses who’ve employed less experienced services for their epoxy floor with appalling results. For that reason, we only recommend engaging a specialist with a strong pedigree in Epoxy to deliver your floors for you.

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy?

A great metallic epoxy floor creates wow factor to your space beyond any other flooring surface. Forget about expensive marble tiles. Metallic epoxy can even leave a beautiful custom pour and stained polished concrete floor in the dust in terms of sheer impact. When you really need a big impression, for example hotel lobby, high-end retail store or showroom, there’s simply no better choice.

It can also be a wonderful seamless and elegant solution for the home, especially simple single coloured Epoxy with a flair of metallic stain.

The ultimate in glamour – delivers wow factor beyond any other finish.

Extremely hard-wearing, will not scratch or pit.

Seamless & hygienic. Easy & quick to clean.

Customizable with colour, iridescence and pattern for a unique finish.

Metallic Epoxy is Available in:


The ultimate in design for high impact spaces.

Easy to Clean

Seamless and hygienic. Fast & simple to keep in top condition.


won’t crack, chip or stain through use.


Great for new builds as well as renovations. Suitable for commercial and residential usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

If you’re interested in Metallic Epoxy flooring but still have questions, check out the FAQ below. If you feel like this is the right solution for your space, give us a call today and one of our floor designers will be able to help you design a stunning floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metallic Epoxy

Both ‘normal’ epoxy and metallic epoxy use epoxy resin, but the techniques of metallic epoxy are quite different. As the name suggests it include metallic stains, but the application technique and layering is very different and much more involved with metallic epoxy.

Despite the glass- like appearance Epoxy is not as slippery as you might think, and a non-slip coating can also be applied. That said, for areas prone to getting wet we don’t recommend metallic epoxy and you might like to explore Epoxy Flake or a single tone epoxy that can have a more textured surface without compromising its beauty.

$130 – $170 psqm + GST ( based on application to  a clean concrete floor)

No. Due to the sealing and hardening process, the finished epoxy floor is like rock and will not get stained with things like red wine, or get pitted if walked on with high heels.

Basically, we can make your metallic epoxy floor to match any colour scheme. Its an incredible versatile medium.