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Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy delivers the ultimate in high-end feel for a seamless, glamorous floor. When you really want to make a bold statement, look no further than metallic epoxy. Epoxy floors in Melbourne and across Victoria have become very popular in the past few years, and Metallic Epoxy is leading the way.

Metallic Epoxy flooring is laid down in several steps. It’s vital we pour the epoxy over an even and well-sealed surface, and for that reason we take the time to grind back, fill pits and thoroughly seal the underlying concrete.

Next, we mix & pour the liquid resin on site, blended with various colour stains to meet the chosen colour scheme. We drop in the metallic resin and our floor artists create the desired layering and pattern. Once that’s cured and hardened, we apply sealers and clear top coat (typically high gloss to deliver that glass-like finish).

By far, metallic epoxy is the most technically challenging floor covering to get right. There are so many dimensions to it, so many processes and it takes considerable skill and experience. Over the years we’ve answered many cries for help from home owners and businesses who’ve employed less experienced services for their epoxy floor with appalling results. For that reason, we only recommend engaging a specialist with a strong pedigree in Epoxy to deliver your floors for you.

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy?

A great metallic epoxy floor creates wow factor to your space beyond any other flooring surface. Forget about expensive marble tiles. Metallic epoxy can even leave a beautiful custom pour and stained polished concrete floor in the dust in terms of sheer impact. When you really need a big impression, for example hotel lobby, high-end retail store or showroom, there’s simply no better choice.

It can also be a wonderful seamless and elegant solution for the home, especially simple single coloured Epoxy with a flair of metallic stain.

The ultimate in glamour – delivers wow factor beyond any other finish.

Extremely hard-wearing, will not scratch or pit.

Seamless & hygienic. Easy & quick to clean.

Customizable with colour, iridescence and pattern for a unique finish.

Metallic Epoxy is Available in:


The ultimate in design for high impact spaces.

Easy to Clean

Seamless and hygienic. Fast & simple to keep in top condition.


won’t crack, chip or stain through use.


Great for new builds as well as renovations. Suitable for commercial and residential usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

If you’re interested in Metallic Epoxy flooring but still have questions, check out the FAQ below. If you feel like this is the right solution for your space, give us a call today and one of our floor designers will be able to help you design a stunning floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metallic Epoxy

Both ‘normal’ epoxy and metallic epoxy use epoxy resin, but the techniques of metallic epoxy are quite different. As the name suggests it include metallic stains, but the application technique and layering is very different and much more involved with metallic epoxy.

Despite the glass- like appearance Epoxy is not as slippery as you might think, and a non-slip coating can also be applied. That said, for areas prone to getting wet we don’t recommend metallic epoxy and you might like to explore Epoxy Flake or a single tone epoxy that can have a more textured surface without compromising its beauty.

$130 – $170 psqm + GST ( based on application to  a clean concrete floor)

No. Due to the sealing and hardening process, the finished epoxy floor is like rock and will not get stained with things like red wine, or get pitted if walked on with high heels.

Basically, we can make your metallic epoxy floor to match any colour scheme. Its an incredible versatile medium.


Looking for Long-Lasting Epoxy Floor Coating Melbourne? Granicrete Offers Reliable Metallic Epoxy and Epoxy Floor Paint

epoxy floor coating MelbourneAre you looking to get epoxy floor coating Melbourne? Do you want to make your commercial or residential floors professionally coated with solid materials at the best prices? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place for epoxy flooring! Granicrete Australia offers durable and durable epoxy in Melbourne at an affordable price. When industrial flooring is a concern, there are no limits to what we can achieve. We started our business in the USA and have expanded our network to Australia. We have been working on epoxy flooring for over a decade.

Our team started by making small epoxy floors in warehouses and has since completed the work of other top names such as Crown Casino, Foot Locker, Asics, Bertochi Small Goods, and Fenner-Dunlop, as well as metallurgical projects. A few thousand squares. And FDC Construction and Fit Out, and others. We have developed as a team and a company over time and are now leading the commercial and industrial sectors. We are constantly creating new ideas for our floors with the support of our new customers.

What Does It Mean to Have Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy refers to a substance made of resins and hardeners. These compounds, when combined, cause the possibility of a chemical reaction. When completed, this reaction forms a solid plastic bond that binds the cross-polymer structures tightly together. It creates strong bonds with most base layers, resulting in a strong and durable base.

residential epoxy flooring MelbourneResidential Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Our specialised epoxy coating experts apply residential epoxy flooring Melbourne on hard floors with concrete. This fluid eventually hardens to a smooth surface and is resistant to aging. Because concrete is a hollow material, the epoxy seam adheres to the base layer to produce a solid stainless steel and epoxy finish.

However, highly skilled professionals with years of experience can only use epoxy coatings. These technicians can also verify that the original location is suitable and that the appropriate epoxy coating has been applied. The cost of epoxy flooring in Melbourne is very competitive with other materials on the market with the features it offers.

The components of epoxy floor coating are epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and other additives. It is often used as an adhesive if not used as a floor coating. As it is combined, a chemical reaction occurs, completing your floor with its unique features. This chemical reaction produces new stability and stability in the environment, one of the most critical factors. When applied to the surface, this process cures and closes it, resulting in a stronger bond.

Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coating Melbourne?

Epoxy floor coating Melbourne can completely fix your floor space while also strengthening your flooring. This helps to close your concrete floor or upgrade your old flooring. This flooring is surprisingly beneficial for maintaining substantial space and monitoring strong impacts while reflecting glossy light. Do it this way by providing a barrier between the concrete and the effect.

There are many benefits to covering the floor of a room, car shop, or garage. Any area that sees a lot of pedestrians can benefit from having an epoxy garage floor in Melbourne because it is sturdy and closes on top. Epoxy can protect your floor from any additional damage and bring about a level of refinement that can be lost if the base is uncovered and left exposed.

epoxy floor paint MelbourneExternal Appearance with Epoxy Floor Paint Melbourne

The epoxy floor paint Melbourne can transform incomplete and dense areas into polished and finished ones. A garage that is part of your business or a garage for your house that needs cleaning can be given a sophisticated look by using the epoxy coating. The bright quality of the space works well with any existing decorative light you may have. Epoxy will give the room a new dimension as light shines through it and moves around.

In addition, epoxy can cover any previous damage to your garage that it may cause. Epoxy is available for purchase in various colours and patterns, allowing you to decorate your garage or room in any way you see fit. Using epoxy paint, which incorporates a long-lasting ingredient in the colour of your choice to create a masking effect, is one way to cover the imperfections more carefully than other methods. Granicrete is one of the best epoxy floor coating providers in Melbourne, Australia and uses the finest building materials and practices to cover the floor.

It is possible to give the epoxy compound the appearance of dots by adding decorative chips of mica or quartz, which also improves the object’s grip. This style incorporates additional components that capture light and shine in addition to the increasing level of durability. In addition to these attractive opportunities to enhance this calm atmosphere, metallic epoxy coating is also possible. With epoxy floor coating, you can give working areas a better look without compromising performance.

epoxy paint MelbourneEpoxy Paint Melbourne Comes at a Reasonable Price

Compared to the cost of removing existing flooring, buying new tile or vinyl, and paying for additional installation costs, epoxy is a less expensive solution. If you are going with the epoxy finish, enhancing your flooring does not have to involve costly and time-consuming treatments that cost a ton of money. Keep the floor you already have, and not only will you save money on installation costs, but it will also look lighter and brighter. Because of its longevity, buying it is one of the wisest financial options since you will not need to change it for many years. And if you pay attention to the savings of car repairs, lighting, cleaning, and fittings, it is clear that epoxy paint Melbourne will continue to save money over time.

Epoxy is an easy and inexpensive form of industrial-style preparation that can be used if your concrete floor does not provide the look and benefits you want. Even though installing commercial epoxy flooring, Melbourne requires a few coatings, and the drying time between the total time and investment is much less than it would be to install other types of flooring.

Because flooring remains the same amount of time, choosing a professional installation is a practical decision. It will make investments in professional investments more profitable. Experts have the knowledge and experience to avoid risky application procedures and take necessary safety precautions.

epoxy floor paint victoriaLong-Lasting Epoxy Floor Paint Victoria

The epoxy floor paint Victoria creates a smooth bond in previously installed subsoil areas, creating amazingly durable, high-quality, and durable materials.

Epoxy flooring not only lasts a long time but also resists damage caused by aging. Because of this, it is an excellent tool for use in industrial and commercial settings. The constant movement of delivery trucks, industrial forklifts, and other heavy gears, in addition to the footwork of workers and customers, will not affect the strength of the epoxy coating.

Use epoxy coating to protect your basement, laundry room, or garage from potentially dangerous objects, which may attack areas with high foot traffic due to their location. Using epoxy as a flooring material has become one of the most durable options. It is subject to high pressure, high temperatures, chemicals and water. Because cars can produce many types of rust, this product is suitable for use in a garage in Melbourne. And because epoxy flooring resists immediate contact, any hazards, such as spilled or spilled material, will not cause any damage to your floor area. It makes epoxy flooring a smart choice for commercial and industrial settings.

Resistance to Shock

The strength of epoxy is shown by the fact that it is resistant to shock. Epoxy coating can withstand the effects of stress, such as the collapse of heavy objects or the wear and tear of motor vehicles — examples of this include; if you drop anything, including tools, or even equipment, it will not have any effect on epoxy.

Heat Resistance

Epoxy, if dry, can withstand certain temperatures. Epoxy can generally withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit without deterioration, although high-quality epoxy can withstand even higher temperatures. Phosphorus-containing epoxies are better able to handle heat than those without; therefore, phosphorus is added to the mixture at various concentrations to produce the right level of resistance. Heat resistance is an excellent feature of having car garages and a low kitchen. This makes epoxy flooring a much better option than other available methods.

metallic epoxy floor MelbourneMetallic Epoxy Floor Melbourne Shows Resistance to Chemical Effects

Due to its strong and durable structure, metallic epoxy floor Melbourne can withstand continuous chemical exposure. Epoxy flooring will not work slowly over time or be damaged. Epoxy is not affected by chemicals that may have been left in your car or that may have accumulated due to household chores. There’s no need to worry, even if you have to pay extra attention to your garage collection and the liquid-like brakes or oil spills on the floor. It is possible to clean the chemical spill without causing any damage to the epoxy coating.

Due to congestion and layer thinking, chemicals are prevented from entering the concrete below and leaving any residue that may be harmful. Epoxy will not damage the chemicals in your car. As a result, epoxy coating is an excellent choice for laying down in the pharmaceutical industry, warehouse, and industrial plants, which may be exposed to harsh substances in your car.

Water Resistance

If you use this water-resistant material, your floor will not fluctuate due to flooding or bloodshed. If the water is not submerged, some areas can be more dangerous to navigate than others, depending on the type of Melbourne epoxy used. Epoxy flooring can also add slippery resistance when requested if there is a risk of water leakage on the surface due to the inability of the material to absorb.

Reduce the Risk of Equipment Damage

Epoxy coating can withstand the weight of continuous traffic flow and creates a smooth and seamless environment. As a result, transport equipment will face much less wear, leading to lower business maintenance costs.

epoxy coating MelbourneWhy Choose Granicrete Australia?

We’ve worked with epoxy flooring for over fourteen years. The thought that everyone deserves a better floor inspires all of our employees. You can rely on us to be truthful when you open your home or company. Each job eventually follows you. We will not stop until you are completely satisfied. We want you to feel better every time you step upon the Granicrete floor. Our flooring has been restored to a very excellent condition.

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