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Polished Concrete

Unique Solutions That Turn Ordinary Floors Into Unique Talking Points

Your floor is not just a walkway. A beautiful floor unleashes your whole interior design, allowing your space to burst with ‘wow factor’.

With incredible options available these days, we’re not limited to dusty carpets or hard-to-clean grouted tiles. Any why settle for the same floor as in thousands of other homes?

Our solutions will leave you with easy to clean seamless surfaces that are timeless, elegant and take your breath away every time you walk in the room.

Kitchen Flooring
Interior Floors

From simple monotone to natural-looking flowing stone, explore how our unique finishes are custom designed for your space.

Interior Walls

Explore how Granicrete Coverstone adds class and depth to your design that most people don't even realise is possible!

Garage Flooring
Garage Floors

Explore the best, stylish and low maintenance solutions for turning your garage into seamless extension of your home.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Option for Your Home

When choosing the finished surface for your home floor, there are many factors that needs to be considered. How big is the area? How much natural light is there? What will the flooring be installed onto? How much maintenance will be required? And of course, the big question that everyone wants to understand – how much will it cost?

There is no single answer to these questions, and no ‘off the shelf’ solution that will suit all homes, all areas or all budgets.

That’s why, If you’re looking to transform your existing home or raise the bar with your new build, we recommend an obligation-free discussion with our experienced team of floor designers. We’ll be able to recommend the best solution and provide a provisional quotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring are new to most people as a suitable flooring surface for the home. We’ve taken time to consider the most frequently asked questions to get you some quick answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

Most websites will tell you that Epoxy floors last 2-3 years. However at Granicrete we have developed a unique process to layering Epoxy, and we proudly offer 7 year guarantee on all Epoxy floors we install.

Yes, both epoxy flooring and Granicrete Coverstone flooring can be installed over existing tiles, as well as the raw concrete slap. This makes them ideal and low-hassle solutions for renovations!

The perfect solution for your home garage is epoxy flake flooring. It’s non-slip, extremely durable and very easy to wash down with a hose. Best of all, it looks amazing! We don’t recommend standard epoxy coating for your garage floor because being a smooth surface, that tends to ‘squeek’ under tyres, which can be annoying in most homes.

Polished concrete gets its beauty from being honed to a polished granite-like appearance. As such, it can be scratched, especially with abrasive cleaning, and is particularly prone to acid etching from foods & juices. Epoxy flooring on the other hand is sealed and impermeable, which means it won’t stain or etch.