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Polished Concrete Floors in Melbourne

One of the most popular flooring choices for homes and businesses is polished concrete floors. At Granicrete Australia, our specialists are capable of installing polished concrete floors in Melbourne as well as handling polished concrete finishes and more.


There are several reasons why polished concrete flooring in Melbourne is such a popular choice. First and foremost, it’s durable and made to last the distance. It can endure years of wear and tear, and remain as polished and as brand new as ever. In addition, the artistic possibilities with commercial and residential polished concrete floors are endless. You can have a straight normal concrete finish, mix it with several different colours, or you can choose one of our more popular options – aggregate colours. This process is when we get the polished concrete back to its basic raw materials and you can start seeing the chips that make the concrete come together.

You Have The Choice!

We’ve always believed in providing people with a platform to choose the polished concrete residential floors and commercial floors they want. We want our clients to have the option of deciding how they want their polished concrete floors to look. More so, we believe in providing a wide selection of colours and designs when you take up our polished concrete services. We are willing to go above and beyond in making sure that you get polished concrete in Melbourne that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

How Do We Do It For You?

Our process of making Melbourne polished concrete is based around what our clients want. Once you have decided on the style, design and look of the polished concrete floor you want, we begin the process for you. We offer several concrete polishing options, including:

  • The “Salt and Pepper”, which is when we grind down the concrete to the exposed aggregate, leaving a salt and pepper look.
  • The Grind and Seal Method, which involves us grinding down the concrete to the lower levels and then sealing the floor with our premium Crystal Top concrete polishing sealer.
  • Overlay System, which is when we merge two different concrete slabs together to have a uniform look. Although this is not technically considered a polished concrete service, we have been happy to offer it to our clients.

It is a fun and exciting when you get to chose the polished concrete floor you want. As it is just as fun and exciting for us to not only help you chose the concrete finish you want, but to create and develop it for you.

Our Guarantee And Service

When you hire us for polished concrete finishes, you’ll get the best and most premium service in Melbourne. Our reliable and trustworthy reputation is thanks to our commitment to provide top quality polished concrete services.

On top of our wide selection of options and services, our friendly and honest customer service is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition. We treat our customers and clients with respect and honesty, making sure they are always part of our polished concrete floors process.

Get In Touch With Our Team!

If you want polished concrete flooring in Melbourne for your home or business, get in touch with the experts at Granicrete Australia. One of our team members will be ready to answer any of your questions and help get your Melbourne polished concrete project started!

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