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Polished Concrete Melbourne

One of the most popular choices for homes and businesses across Melbourne and Victoria is polished concrete floors. At Granicrete Australia, our specialists are capable of installing polished concrete floors in Melbourne as well as handling stencilling, line marking and resurfacing.

Polished concrete flooring in Melbourne has become such a popular choice in recent years. This is thanks to advances in techniques that now truly bring out the beauty of the material, as well as its remarkable durability.

Unlike regular concrete, the concrete polishing process hardens and seals the concrete making it significantly more durable, less porous and more stain resistant. The process not only prolongs the life of the concrete, but transforms it from an ugly grey slab into something quite beautiful, suitable for a variety of residential flooring or commercial flooring scenarios.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Flooring?

The main reason to choose a Polished Concrete floor is for its modern, trendy looks, especially when graded from scratch to match your desired end result. There are three main approaches to creating your polished concrete floor. Which one to choose depends on the condition of your existing slab (if you have one), and what you want to achieve with the end result.

Grind & Seal.
Here we grind away the top layers of concrete to reveal the aggregates, fill the cracks and pores. and then apply multiple coats of sealer. On a slab that’s in mint condition, this can be a great approach and is the most economical of the three options.

Mechanically Polished Concrete
Similar to Grind & Seal, we remove the surface of the concrete to expose the aggregates beneath, followed by sealing and filling gaps and pores. We add multiple rounds of densifier compounds and sealants to harden the concrete, as well as stains if needs to change the colour appearance. Again, we don’t recommend this for damaged slabs.

Here we roughly grind back the original slab, and lay fresh concrete mix over the top according to the desired aesthetic. The benefit of doing this is that is essentially hides any serious imperfections to the original slab and allows us more freedom to design the concrete, including coloured aggregates, patterns and things like glow in the dark aggregates which can leave a spectacular finish for areas used in low light conditions.

Great for commercial & residential areas with foot traffic only

Hard wearing compared to laminate or tile

Easy & quick to clean.

Can be quite customizable where we lay a fresh layer.

Polished Concret is Available in:

Easy to Clean

Seamless and hygienic. Fast & simple to keep in top condition.


Very much in trend for high-end homes and retail spaces.


Won’t crack, chip or stain through use.

Cost Effective

Depending on your existing surface can be a great option on a tight budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

If you’re interested in Polished Concrete flooring in Melbourne or across Victoria but still have questions, check out the FAQ below. If you feel like this is the right solution for your space, give us a call today and one of our floor designers will be able to help you design a stunning floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete

Whether Polished concrete or epoxy is the better solution for you depends on factors such as the condition of your existing slab, the purpose and use of your space, the end look you want to achieve and of course your budget. In general, when delivered by an experienced provider Epoxy floors are more durable.

Yes, the highly polished concrete can be a slippery surface when wet. It’s also not a suitable surface for tyred vehicles for this reason. If slip hazards are a concern, your better bet is to look at an Epoxy Floor alternative.

$95 – $150 psqm + GST (Based on new slab concrete)

Polished concrete is less durable than epoxy for most uses, though it is sufficiently durable for foot traffic in commercial spaces. We generally do not recommend polished concrete for areas subject to heavy impacts, vehicular use or regular wetting.

It is possible to deliver a polished concrete floor for you to meet your needs to a large extent. It is not quite as versatile in this way as Epoxy, but through the use of stains or coloured aggregates some interesting colours and patterns can be achieved.