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Polished Concrete Melbourne

One of the most popular choices for homes and businesses across Melbourne and Victoria is polished concrete floors. At Granicrete Australia, our specialists are capable of installing polished concrete floors in Melbourne as well as handling stencilling, line marking and resurfacing.

Polished concrete flooring in Melbourne has become such a popular choice in recent years. This is thanks to advances in techniques that now truly bring out the beauty of the material, as well as its remarkable durability.

Unlike regular concrete, the concrete polishing process hardens and seals the concrete making it significantly more durable, less porous and more stain resistant. The process not only prolongs the life of the concrete, but transforms it from an ugly grey slab into something quite beautiful, suitable for a variety of residential flooring or commercial flooring scenarios.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Flooring?

The main reason to choose a Polished Concrete floor is for its modern, trendy looks, especially when graded from scratch to match your desired end result. There are three main approaches to creating your polished concrete floor. Which one to choose depends on the condition of your existing slab (if you have one), and what you want to achieve with the end result.

Grind & Seal.
Here we grind away the top layers of concrete to reveal the aggregates, fill the cracks and pores. and then apply multiple coats of sealer. On a slab that’s in mint condition, this can be a great approach and is the most economical of the three options.

Mechanically Polished Concrete
Similar to Grind & Seal, we remove the surface of the concrete to expose the aggregates beneath, followed by sealing and filling gaps and pores. We add multiple rounds of densifier compounds and sealants to harden the concrete, as well as stains if needs to change the colour appearance. Again, we don’t recommend this for damaged slabs.

Here we roughly grind back the original slab, and lay fresh concrete mix over the top according to the desired aesthetic. The benefit of doing this is that is essentially hides any serious imperfections to the original slab and allows us more freedom to design the concrete, including coloured aggregates, patterns and things like glow in the dark aggregates which can leave a spectacular finish for areas used in low light conditions.

Great for commercial & residential areas with foot traffic only

Hard wearing compared to laminate or tile

Easy & quick to clean.

Can be quite customizable where we lay a fresh layer.

Polished Concret is Available in:

Easy to Clean

Seamless and hygienic. Fast & simple to keep in top condition.


Very much in trend for high-end homes and retail spaces.


Won’t crack, chip or stain through use.

Cost Effective

Depending on your existing surface can be a great option on a tight budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy & Polished Concrete Floors for your Home / Residential

If you’re interested in Polished Concrete flooring in Melbourne or across Victoria but still have questions, check out the FAQ below. If you feel like this is the right solution for your space, give us a call today and one of our floor designers will be able to help you design a stunning floor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete

Whether Polished concrete or epoxy is the better solution for you depends on factors such as the condition of your existing slab, the purpose and use of your space, the end look you want to achieve and of course your budget. In general, when delivered by an experienced provider Epoxy floors are more durable.

Yes, the highly polished concrete can be a slippery surface when wet. It’s also not a suitable surface for tyred vehicles for this reason. If slip hazards are a concern, your better bet is to look at an Epoxy Floor alternative.

$95 – $150 psqm + GST (Based on new slab concrete)

Polished concrete is less durable than epoxy for most uses, though it is sufficiently durable for foot traffic in commercial spaces. We generally do not recommend polished concrete for areas subject to heavy impacts, vehicular use or regular wetting.

It is possible to deliver a polished concrete floor for you to meet your needs to a large extent. It is not quite as versatile in this way as Epoxy, but through the use of stains or coloured aggregates some interesting colours and patterns can be achieved.


Looking for Polished Concrete Melbourne? Granicrete Offers the Best Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne

Polished Concrete MelbournePolished concrete Melbourne is the ultimate non-wax material that is a favourite among civil engineers and construction workers. The concrete polishing specialists grind the concrete surfaces to give a glossy and shining look. If you need a glossy and shiny floor, you need not worry about whether your concrete floor is old or new. Granicrete Australia Pty Ltd is an expert in giving a pristine shine to your floor.

We have all the modern tools, equipment and technology that can do the job for you. We assure you that our work gives you mind satisfaction because of our performance and reliability of work. Due to our satisfactory work, it’s no surprise that retail, commercial warehouse, office buildings, as well as homes are recognising the attractiveness of smooth, high-lustre floors done by us.

What is Polished Concrete Melbourne?

Polished concrete is sturdy, resilient, and low maintenance. The earthy texture of stone and the shine of granite gives an attractive look. It is comparable to typically polished terrazzo in that it is very flat and poured as a specific mix to improve the quality. Polished concrete floors Melbourne can also appear virtually rough, with little or no aggregate visible.

Flatness and polishing are not always synonymous, which is something professionals clarify before they proceed with their projects. The two further segregation includes the following;

Concrete Flooring MelbourneConcrete Surface Hardening

The concrete flooring Melbourne needs some toughness before applying for the second grinding pass on polished concrete floors. The chemical penetrates the floor to a few millimetres, which could be around half an inch. This chemical also creates a reaction that hardens the floor and makes it easier to polish to a high gloss. These floors are extremely sturdy and long-lasting. 

Filling Gaps and Holes

As the initial concrete grinder pass remove the top concrete layer, millions of small air holes are exposed. The finished polished concrete floor will reveal these ugly flaws if they are not addressed before the hardening process. These holes are often filled with an acrylic tile adhesive solution combined with either grinding dust or cement powder. Further, we use a trowel for manual scrapping across the floor.

Spraying the acrylic adhesive ahead of the grinder allows it to mix into the holes with the grinding dust. This process is practised on the third or fourth grinding pass at roughly 120 grit. Hardening can still be advantageous in terms of surface durability and ultimate gloss.

Do You Fear to Get Flat or Slightly Bumpy Concrete Flooring Polish?

Some floor grinder machines are intended to generate a flat-level floor. These machines remove the high surface areas, but others are intended to follow the curves of the floor more closely. If the project work demands floor polishing without exposing the aggregate, we use only finer resin pads on the concrete grinder. This allows the pads to move so they may follow the curves of the surface. This produces a polished floor without revealing the pattern and texture of the exposed particles within the concrete. This is also helpful as it is quicker and tends to be less expensive. Further, the hardening process is still advantageous in terms of surface durability and ultimate gloss.

Concerns about Exposed Aggregate

If the concrete mixture is laid down improperly or polishing the surface without due care, the polished concrete floors residential Melbourne might be uneven. This could happen when concrete workers or polish workers are careless and don’t pay attention to the project design details. During the polishing process, the workers must consider the sign of the boots. 

Boot or kneeling board markings are frequent complaints, and these facts tend to lower the aggregate cluster down further. This results in an uneven pattern and may require grinding down two or three millimetres additionally. As a result, workers use more materials for finishing. Moreover, that much grinding may not be what the consumer expects and could result in poo satisfaction and thus is risky.

At Granicrete Australia Pty Ltd, our educated, certified, and experienced workers know how to do the job efficiently with good results.

Polished Concrete Floors MelbourneMachines with a Single or Several Heads

Until the development of three-head planetary machines, terrazzo grinding was done with single-head floor grinders. Planetary implies that each head rotates in one direction while the turntable that holds the heads rotates in either the same or opposite direction. Some grinders can change the direction of the turntable as well as the speed of the heads. Multiple head planetary machines with four or more heads are also available.

Planetary heads can follow contours better than single or double-head grinders and are easier to operate since they do not involve manually moving the grinder from side to side or in a circular motion. To avoid grinding lips or shoulders, move single-head terrazzo grinders in a circular manner.

Vic Concrete Polished ServicesEdging

Just like finishing the wood floors, expert Vic concrete polished services for flooring work on edges in last from the main floor area. This is necessary as the heavy equipment and tools tend to harm the walls when they get too close. 

For the initial grinding passes, we use a nine-inch angle grinder with a diamond wheel, and a dust extraction shroud is best. This combination is best to remove the dust nicely.

Edge grinders that sit down to operate give more control than stand-up grinders. On the other hand, the kneel-to-use grinders offer superior control; however, this is a tiring process.

Following the first two or three cuts, we use a separate dust extraction shroud with a corner feature. This comes with a seven-inch polisher or a five-inch multi-speed grinder to polish with resin pads and get into the corners.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

The Look of Simple Concrete Polishing Melbourne 

Some companies can limit the number of procedures for concrete polishing Melbourne by up to 60% while still achieving a similar look. This is possible via grinding and subsequently sealing with a transparent sealer. The initial stage is to expose the aggregate with 30/40 grit diamonds. Then experts will fill all of the little air holes before applying the second grind with 60/80 grit or 80/100 grit diamonds.

This will create a smooth enough surface to apply a sealer to. Polyurethanes are very hard sealers with a high gloss and can be purchased as UV stable to prevent yellowing. These polyurethanes are usually twice the price of non-UV stable urethanes. Clear epoxy sealers are not as smooth and will chalk and deteriorate if exposed to sunlight. Acrylic sealers have a much shorter lifespan due to their poor resistance to wear and tear. An expert person can bring a high-level shine and glossy look within two coats of work.

Various Approaches to Polished Concrete

The first stage is to cut the floor with coarse diamonds until it gets flattened, resulting in a level floor. Afterwards, polish or hone it. This is an actual polishing mechanism.

Any variation in floor concrete can be removed by half of the height of the higher peaks. To start with, medium coarse diamond grit is a perfect choice. Then progress to polishing using a machine that can ride up and over tiny climbs.

A third option for obtaining a honed surface is to begin with relatively fine diamonds. And then just polish to the surface after hardening without removing much of the top cement paste. It is easier to accomplish this if the floor is flat and smooth.

Finally, a polished appearance can be achieved by grinding with coarse and fine diamonds before covering them with a transparent sealant.

Because all coatings scratch and lose their high sheen with wear, only fully polished floors will preserve their gloss with minimum care. To preserve and maintain the high glossy look and cleanliness of polished concrete, use special buffing pads on a normal floor polisher that contains extremely fine diamonds. Janitors can be assigned such tasks and keep the floors in excellent condition without any additional treatment.

Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne CostPolished Concrete Floors Melbourne Cost 

People who search for concrete polishing options often search online about Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne Cost. Some companies supply the grinding equipment and all of the pads needed for do-it-yourself concrete polishing projects. However, depending on the area covered, this may not be the most cost-effective option because the pads may be just halfway worn when you finish.

Here are 15 features a Good Dust Shroud Must have:

No Friction 

The dust shroud’s seal should not come into contact with the floor to prevent suck-down and fatigue. The concrete grinder will then float freely, allowing you to manage it without accidentally releasing dust.

Vacuum Pressure Control

To accommodate big volume vacuum systems or tiny portable units, the space under the seal should be changeable by sliding the seal up or down.

Tool-Less Seal Adjustment 

The seal height should be adjustable in seconds without the need of tools, such as with a hook and loop fastener or a band clamp with a thumb nut.

Floor Level Dust Pickup

Suction airflow should be directed under the seal, where the dust is produced. This little space between the floor and the seal guarantees that all dust is fully collected and routed to the dust exhaust outlet.

High Velocity Vacuum Port

The vacuum port’s size, shape, and location should enable the strongest lift of dust and particles within the shroud. As a result, search for an intake hole that is the same size as the outflow tube.

No Wasteful Airholes

To take up dust as efficiently as possible, all air must be channelled beneath the seal. The presence of air holes in a dust shroud increases the amount of vacuum airflow required to collect the dust.

Steel Construction

The dust shroud should be made of a stiff material, such as hardwearing steel or softer aluminium.

Mounting Collar Welded

Because clamps and collars screwed to the shroud might come free, the welded mounting collar is the strongest way to secure the dust shroud to the angle grinder.

Compatible with all Grinders

The fastening method should be able to accommodate all major brands of grinders, allowing you to switch to another if the first one proves inappropriate.

There Is No Heat Distortion

The body of the dust shroud should not distort in the sun or soften from grinding heat.

Rigid Shroud to Prevent Damage

When forced against an item, flexible shrouds are readily damaged by the grinding wheel. Body shrouds that are rigid never deform or harm.

Polished Concrete Melbourne CostSeals Replacement

When the seals wear out, they should be able to be changed at a lesser cost than a new shroud body.

Corners are Grinded

The dust shroud’s distinctive form should allow concrete grinding into corners where the grinding wheel touches both walls of a corner.

Feature of Semi Sealed Edging

When edging, partially sealing over the edge aperture to ensure excellent suction can prevent dust escape.

Full Fitting and Instruction Manual

For trouble-free concrete grinding, you need a handbook that describes every element of fitting, usage, and safety with numerous pictures.

Polished Concrete Melbourne Cost by Granicrete Australia

Polished concrete Melbourne cost is a factor for many when they opt for floor polishing service. But before considering the cost factor, one should look for the following Pros & Cons:

Polished Concrete Floors Residential MelbourneAs with other flooring materials, polished concrete offers a number of advantages. With a bunch of pros, polished concrete floors residential Melbourne has become a popular flooring choice. Further, the commercial and manufacturing buildings, processing plants and other heavy traffic settings also opt for concrete flooring Melbourne.

There are certain disadvantages to utilising polished concrete flooring in some situations. However, they can be easily solved; in the end, the benefits greatly exceed the downsides. Before making a final flooring selection, it is critical to understand the demands of the location where the flooring will be installed and the advantages and downsides.

Pros of Concrete Flooring Melbourne

High Durability

Polished concrete flooring is exceptionally robust and resilient and can handle high foot traffic and machinery. It is extremely tough to harm and almost impossible to chip or scratch. So, if the concrete is in good condition, it can be polished to provide an exceedingly durable scratch-resistant surface. It is also very durable and impact resistant.


In even the toughest business situations, a properly built, sealed and maintained polished concrete floor may be anticipated to endure a hundred years or more. It will also outlast other floor coverings such as carpets, vinyl tile, and wood laminates. That means you’ll save money in the long term since you’ll never have to remove and replace old or damaged flooring. 

Most online web portals claim that their epoxy flooring can sustain for around 2-3 years. Granicrete, on the other hand, has created a unique procedure for layering Epoxy, and we proudly give a 7-year warranty on all Epoxy floors we install.

Easy to Maintain

Polished concrete flooring is extremely simple to keep clean. To avoid dirt collection, you just need to dust mop or broom sweep every day. You should also damp mop it once a week to remove smudges, scuffs, and water stains and restore the lustre. Additional care may be required depending on the finish of your polished concrete floor.

Polished Concrete Floors Cost MelbourneCost-Effective

Polished Concrete Floors Cost Melbourne can be as low as $2 per square foot or as much as $30 per square foot. That mainly depends on the design, surface and level of sophistication. Most installations are rather inexpensive, especially if you already have a concrete slab ready for staining, polishing, or the application of a decorative coating or overlay. The cost savings may not usually occur during installation but rather during its lifespan because the only reason you’ll need to replace it is if you become bored of the appearance.

Best for Home Improvement Plan

Depending on the state of the concrete, polished concrete might be an excellent alternative for house remodelling. If it has been tiled or carpeted over, the completed surface will have uneven oxidation and discolouration. As a result, we propose an Epoxy floor.

Many Design Options

We have an infinite number of colour and texture effects that may replicate the look of hundreds of various, more expensive materials. In addition, ornate engraving and stencilled designs can be added to the surface.


Concrete that has been adequately treated and sealed can be almost fluid resistant, particularly to water. Coatings can operate as waterproof barriers, sealing the concrete and preventing impurities from entering it. Some coatings can also protect against microbes. Furthermore, high-quality concrete floors should not have surface cracks or crevices where food debris or bacteria can fit easily.


The area which needs attention is a slippery surface, especially in wet or spill-prone areas, but it can also be covered with a non-slip epoxy coating to provide texture and minimise slips and accidents.


A porous non-sealed concrete floor can be sealed with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating to protect it against severe chemicals (alkalis and acids) and corrosion.

Thermal Shock-Resistant.

Thermal shock-resistant coatings can be put to concrete flooring to prevent disbandment, delamination, fractures, bubbles, and other damage caused by very hot water or steam washes.

Static Dissipative

Antistatic tendencies are common in unsealed concrete floors, although they are reliant on moisture levels in the floor, making them unpredictable. Concrete floors can be treated with antistatic coatings to prevent static discharge from causing harm to static-sensitive equipment.


Unlike hardwood floors, vinyl carpets, and synthetic carpets, concrete flooring does not contain dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Cons of Concrete Flooring Melbourne


The material’s hardness and longevity can also be a disadvantage because the surface is quite hard. The surface isn’t a good cushion or gives comfort to bare feet. This makes it unpleasant to stand on for long periods of time. To avoid this, the anti-fatigue mats are best in locations where people or employees spend hours daily on their feet.

Gets Cold

Another disadvantage of concrete floors is that they do not retain heat effectively. That implies that the surface of the floor will feel chilly in the winter, but not as much as ceramic tile or natural stone flooring. To avoid this, radiant heating wires can be embedded in concrete floors to decrease heat loss. Best of all, because concrete floor radiant heating uses less energy to produce the same degree of comfort as a forced-air system, you’ll often pay cheaper utility rates.

Prone to Catch Moisture

Concrete flooring is particularly vulnerable to moisture intrusion if it is not properly treated and sealed. If liquid gets into the pores of a concrete floor, it can sit there and encourage the formation of mould or mildew. You shouldn’t have to worry about this if you have a reputable expert install your polished concrete floors.


Polished concrete floors, like ceramic tile, natural stone flooring and bamboo floors, may be rather noisy. Rugs are the best remedy to limit the noise, along with thick curtains, acoustic wall panels, and other features that absorb or block sound.

Polished concrete is beautiful because it has been honed to a polished granite-like look. As a result, it is easily damaged, especially with abrasive cleaning, and is especially vulnerable to acid etching from meals and fluids. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, is sealed and impervious, so it will not discolour or etch.

Polished Concrete Melbourne PriceBest Polished Concrete Melbourne Company

Granicrete Australia is well-versed in polished concrete floors for domestic, industrial and commercial projects. With over a decade and a half of experience, our workers know how to design a floor that suits each client’s specific maintenance and aesthetic requirements. To view some designs, pay a visit to our gallery for a virtual tour where you can see some of the work we’ve done for other clients.

Granicrete Australia is a major concrete and coatings flooring company in Melbourne. You may be confident that we have the experienced workforce, modern equipment, and knowledge required to complete your floor job successfully. We take the time to analyse each client’s demands, select the best flooring option, do the necessary preparation, and then install the floor utilising industry best practices. We’d be delighted to assist your company. To get an idea about Polished Concrete Melbourne Price, you either fill out the form or call us directly at 0394679111.