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Welcome to Granicrete Australia, your leading floor expert when it comes to polished concrete Gippsland flooring expert. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we specialise in delivering durable, attractive, and environmentally-friendly flooring solutions for your office, warehouse, or business. Our polished concrete Gippsland services are not just about enhancing the aesthetics of your space; they’re about providing a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and high-performance flooring option. Whether you’re looking to install new floors, upgrade existing ones, or restore small areas, our team of experts is committed to delivering quality work that ensures customer satisfaction every time.

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We have worked on several projects to lay down polished concrete floors in Gippsland. This includes polished concrete Gippsland floors for warehouses, industrial projects, agriculture sites, commercial markets and homeowners.

Polished Concrete Gippsland Projects

Some of the examples of our proud work examples include all-time favourites Crown Casino, Foot Locker (a famous footwear brand), Asics (online shoe store), Bertochi Small Goods, Fenner-Dunlop, and metallurgical projects comprising thousands of square feet of polished concrete Gippsland floor installation. We have always evolved as a team and an organisation; now, we are leading the commercial and industrial sectors.

Many Benefits of Polishing Concrete

In the last few years, polished flooring has become very popular. Many facility managers preferred polished floors due to their durability and glossy properties. But it is important to remember that polished concrete can be an ideal solution to some cases and may not suit to others. Our polished concrete experts can examine the site and can suggest what type of flooring suits you the best.

Polished concrete is superior to epoxy flooring in some respects, as remodelling is more expensive and time-consuming than choosing the right option in the first place. Here are some of its key benefits:

Prevent Dust and Damage

Concrete is strong but at a high risk of damage and reactions to natural chemicals. On the other hand, people who choose epoxy as a flooring option are exposed to dust damage, all of which are solved by concrete polishing.

Spill Resistance Floor

Concrete floors are facing the risk of spillage along with wear and tear as one of its critical challenges, leading to a significant portion of its lifetime costs. Polishing the concrete floor closes the surface, provides extra protection to the base layer of the floor and makes it thicker. Polished concrete floor provides spill resistance and enables it to naturally disperse water, oil, and other pollutants, even without special protection.

Better Reflectivity and Ambient Light

Excellent appearance makes your protective painting work well. It also offers the long-term benefits of controlling your energy use. High ambient lighting can make your space look fresh and clean, making it more attractive for travel and activity.

Cheap Maintenance

The perfect effect of polishing your concrete floor is to reduce the upgradation or repair costs by thousands of dollars over a few years. Aggressive scrubbing is not required to eliminate stains due to part of the common area. Also, you do not need to invest in greasing or polishing to maintain the gloss of floor.

VOC-Free and Compliant with LEED

Volatile Organic Compounds are a significant safety hazard and must not be used during the construction process. It can impact the health of people residing or working in a building where VOCs are used. Granicrete, take it seriously to use construction materials and products that are tested against VOCs. We ensure that our products have ultra-low ratings that are declared safe by relevant government and testing authorities.

Improved Performance of Old Floors

One of the main reasons for polishing the concrete slabs is to extend the life of the slab. The polished concrete Gippsland increases the shine of the slab. Polished concrete is solid and resistant to erosion from various sources. The concrete polishing process involves grinding the top layer to regenerate a new glossy surface.

Reducing Wheel Wearing

If you are in an area with high foot traffic or there is excessive vehicle traffic like in garages, chances are that the floor will be dull and reflects stains. This can be a sign of worry for you as it can not reflect the poor picture of your property but also devalue it. Polished concrete could be an ideal option.

Quick Application

The whole process of floor covering and treatment has its requirements. For example, some paints require a first layer and time to dry after application. The time needed to polish the concrete varies on the type of concrete polishing. Still, our expert polished concrete floor experts can do the job quickly.

Businesses often stop projects of large scale because they consider it a long and time-consuming process. We here at Granicrete are aware of the fact that time is money for any business. Our team is quick and equipped with all relevant technology to finish the job ASAP.

Epoxy Flooring GippslandNo Excessive Cleansing, Toxicity, or Dangers

One of the major advantage of polished flooring is easy cleaning. A polished concrete floor didn’t absorb any toxic material, so you will be at peace of mind that the people are safe who are working or living.

What Should You Consider Before Preparing Concrete?

Since floor selection often comes down to epoxy or polished concrete, you need the services of an expert for both flooring types. We offer consultation for a solid flooring solution for heavy industrial or commercial areas. We will ask for details of your work environment and goals. Small details can save you thousands of dollars regarding institutional operations for the rest of your life.

Why Consider Granicrete for Polished Flooring in Gippsland?

We have been working with concrete flooring for more than 14 years. Everyone in our company is inspired by the belief to provide a better living place and flooring is where you get in contact daily. A good floor also impacts positively on your mental health. You can count on us for concrete polishing of your floor. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our quality work ensures a happy customer every time. Whether it is installing a new floor, upgrading work or restoring small areas of the floor, the Granicrete team is an expert in all such domains.

Concrete Polishing GippslandConcrete Polishing Gippsland Services by Granicrete

Granicrete’s Concrete Polishing Gippsland services stand out for their precision and quality. Catering to both residential and commercial needs, Granicrete transforms dull concrete into polished, elegant surfaces. Their skilled team in Gippsland uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure a high-quality finish, adding both beauty and value to your property. Whether it’s a home renovation or a commercial upgrade, Granicrete’s concrete polishing services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a flawless and durable result.

Epoxy Flooring Gippsland – Get High Gloss Finish

As an epoxy flooring Gippsland specialist, Granicrete offers a stunning high gloss finish that’s both visually appealing and highly functional. Ideal for various settings, this flooring solution adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Known for its durability and resistance to wear, Granicrete’s epoxy flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas, combining style and practicality. This glossy finish not only enhances the aesthetic of your floors but also contributes to brightening up spaces, making it a popular choice in Gippsland.

Granicrete is the Best Concrete Resurfacing Gippsland Specialist

We are renowned for being the top concrete resurfacing Gippsland specialist in concrete resurfacing. Their expertise in revitalizing old concrete surfaces is unmatched, providing clients with a cost-effective way to upgrade their floors, driveways, and patios. Using advanced techniques and high-quality materials, Granicrete ensures that each resurfacing project in Gippsland results in a smooth, durable, and visually appealing surface, tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your property.

Polished Concrete Floors GippslandThe Ease of Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors Gippsland

The polished concrete floors Gippsland service by Granicrete ensure you get high-quality output. These floors are easy to maintain and offer a hassle-free cleaning experience, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking pristine. The durability of polished concrete means it stands up well to daily wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for both homes and businesses in Gippsland. With Granicrete’s polished concrete, you get a floor that combines effortless upkeep with enduring beauty.

Epoxy Coatings Gippsland – Suitability for Commercial Activities

Epoxy coatings Gippsland are perfectly suited for commercial activities. These coatings provide a robust and resilient surface that can withstand the rigorous demands of commercial environments. Whether it’s a retail space, warehouse, or office, Granicrete’s epoxy coatings are designed to handle heavy foot traffic and equipment usage, while maintaining an attractive appearance. Their versatility and durability make them an ideal flooring choice for a wide range of commercial settings in Gippsland.

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