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We Offer Wide Range of Epoxy Flooring & Polished Concrete Services

These days we are spoiled for choice of beautiful and super hard-wearing surfaces for your flooring. It can be hard to narrow down the best option, especially with so much conflicting information out there.

The two main considerations are how the space will be used, and what type of look is important. High-impact & chemical-prone areas of factories and production facilities will suit a very different type of flooring to a living area in your home.

To help you narrow down on the right finish, browse through the options below and click through to learn more about each finish option.

Granicrete Coverstone

A beautiful, natural stone-like finish perfect for interior residential use as well as lifting the business image of the customer-facing areas for businesses.

Epoxy Flake

Super tough, non-slip surfaces ideal for garage floors, internal and external wet areas and commercial / public spaces.

Metallic Epoxy

The ultimate in modern glamour – for anyone wanting to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression with their interior flooring.

Single Tone Epoxy
Commercial Epoxy

The ultimate all-round solution for commercial and light-industrial floors. Looks great, hard wearing, and quick to install.

Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete

One of the most popular urban looks of the last decade. Great for residential use and low-impact (mostly foot traffic) commercial areas.

Urethane Cement
Urethane Cement

Best for high-impact prone work areas and any areas that need strong chemical resistance such as food prep areas and commercial kitchens.

Faux Finishes
Faux Finishes

Natural looking finishes for your walls designed to look like wood, stone or marble. Suitable for interior or exterior walls.

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Frequently asked questions about Epoxy and Polished Concrete Floors

Check out our most commonly asked questions about flooring solutions below, and feel free to contact us if you would like help selecting the best solution for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Flooring

The best floor surface for your factory will depend on exactly what your factory does. For all round durability as well as cost-effectiveness we would normally advise Urethane Cement floor for an ultra-heavy duty solution, or Epoxy Floors if you need to balance durability with a great looking floor.

With the high degree of chemical exposure for hygienic food preparation areas and commercial kitchens we would recommend installing a Urethane Cement floor.

For storage areas and warehouses your primary consideration is the type of traffic and the existing condition of your concrete slab. If it’s a good condition slab with foot traffic only you could consider a Grind & Seal concrete solution. Otherwise, we would generally recommend a single tone Epoxy floor.

With 100% certainty we’d recommend Epoxy Flake flooring for your garage floor. The non-slip and hard-wearing nature of this floor make it an ideal surface that doesn’t squeak with wheel tyres, is easy to clean and does not get dangerous to talk on when wet.

Many people choose Polished Concrete, but this is a mistake. Polished concrete is particularly prone to etching from acids in food & wine, and will need to be re-surfaced much sooner than you’d expect. We recommend Granicrete Coverstone or Metallic Epoxy, depending on the finished look you want to achieve.