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Concrete Prep Glue Grinding

Prep Glue Grinding
Grinding Glue Off Concrete Floors & Surfaces

Resurfacing a floor can bring it back to life and elevate the appeal of a room or particular space, but it needs to be done correctly in order to avoid faults and complications in the future. Removing old tiles, carpet or vinyl from a concrete base typically leaves old glue behind. Any existing adhesive substance needs to be cleaned up and removed before either replacing any tiles or carpet or polishing the existing concrete surface. This typically involves a process called glue grinding. If you want the services of a professional experienced in grinding glue off a concrete floor, call Melbourne’s premier flooring specialist at Granicrete.

Why Grinding Glue From Concrete Floors Is Important

Though it can be a difficult task, removing glue from concrete floors or surfaces is important. You need to remove any remnants or remains of adhesive from your concrete surface as it can make adding any decorative elements or applying any refinish to the surface almost impossible. Think of it in the same way as removing existing paintwork from a wall before painting it again to prevent the new paintwork from peeling or bubbling. While grinding glue from concrete floors and surfaces can be a DIY job, to ensure it’s done quickly and thoroughly, an experienced service provider like Granicrete is recommended.

The Glue Grinding Process

Granicrete applies a process of grinding glue from concrete surfaces that delivers completely effective results without causing damage to your flooring. We use state-of-the-art concrete grinding technology (3-phase and single phase grinders) in conjunction with dustless HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners and diamond tipped tools to provide the most effective glue-free finish possible. Granicrete offers glue grinding services for the removal of residual carpet and tile glue from floors in residential, corporate and commercial properties, including shops, offices, warehouses, factories, and other workplaces across Melbourne.

Trust Granicrete With Your Glue Grinding Needs

When grinding away glue from your concrete surfaces, it’s imperative that the task is completed with the utmost consideration for safety in mind. At Granicrete, we complete all work according to strict Australian health and safety requirements, ensuring complete peace of mind for everyone involved. Contact us today if you’d like to organise a free measure and quote.

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