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Designing a Tough Yet Beautiful Floor for a Farmhouse

Granicrete Coverstone Floor in a Farmhouse

Narelle called to have us come and look at the floor in her rustic home. It is a wonderful home set on 20 acres in the bush. Built back in the 70’s with mud brick and hewn wooden beams, this house was something straight out of the movies.

I went there to assess the floor but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of the grand wooden beams.   Aside from the amazing aesthetics, there were a few key challenges to be solved.  As a ‘working home’ with mud and dirt being brought in on boots, the floor needed to look clean, even when it wasn’t.  Plus, the occasional farm animal would sneak in! 

That meant we needed a floor that was both beautiful and incredibly scratch resistant and hard wearing. I knew we had to design a floor that did this space justice. After talking to Narelle and her husband Mark it was easy to see that they were open to giving us a bit of artistic license. 

Granicrete Coverstone was the obvious choice, since it provides an extremely tough floor surface with the flexibility to design any pattern.  

We put the colour scheme together and worked out the flow of the room. We were able create a very function, always-looks-clean appearance by creating high contrast in the colour and patterns in the floor. These patterns & colours allowed the area to be a bit dirty without showing it from across the room.

The outside wrap around patio shaded the inside of the house from direct sunshine and prevented a lot of glare on the floor so we went with a mid-gloss sheen. We discussed using a matte finish however knowing that the animals may be sneaking in at any moment we went with our toughest sealer. Offering extreme scratch resistance and a lower sheen meant that it and was a perfect choice for this wonderful home with so much activity?

The result of listening to Narelle and Mark and planning the floor from day one meant that in the end they were extremely happy with the floor and the way that it complimented their beautiful home. 

After living in the home for a couple months I revisited the home to view further work that Narelle is looking at having completed. The new furniture and beautiful kitchen were now in place. She mentioned that when friends come over for the first time since having the floor completed, they can’t stop talking about how beautiful it is. 

We were honored to be a part of the renovation process and delighted that we were given a bit of artistic license so that we could do our best work. 

Thank you Narelle and Mark for trusting us and choosing us to be a small part of your lives!

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