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Home Renovation – Replacing Old Floor Boards with Metallic Epoxy

metallic epoxy floor residential

Our client James is an entrepreneur with many business types under his belt. When we were first called to design a floor for him we didn’t realize that it would start a relationship that would last for years.

The first floor was for his DNA clinic in Melbourne. It was critical that the floor represent a clean environment and that it also be attractive to high end clients. The DNA clinic would be hosting clientele from around the world. Large corporate clients mainly. The floor had to fit the bill.

We designed a white concrete floor for the clinic. We decided on white for obvious reasons but the trick was to incorporate a sense of movement and grain to the floor and not just have a stark white floor, a white on white granite look was implemented. James was extremely happy with the floor as it gave the clinic a real sense of elegance, style and cleanliness that could not be reached with conventional flooring of any type.

Once James saw what we could do for his offices he invited us to work with him on his home’s flooring. He was renovating his home with the idea to sell the house and wanted to expand the living room, which meant that he had to add to the wood flooring that was throughout the house. This of course presented a problem because the wood flooring was too old to be matched. We instead decided to remove the wood flooring and install a metallic white pearl epoxy floor. Our bespoke floor opened the home up in appearance and provided a modern feel that brought top dollar for the home when James sold it one month later.

We are now working on a gym floor for James that will be a top end Gym in South Melbourne. Black stained concrete flooring with an elegant matte finish will bring a sophisticated element to the business and stand up to the rigorous daily use of the members.

The long relationship that we have shared with James is not an unusual one. Most of the builders, architects and designers that we work with have been with us for many years and we always expect to work with new commercial clients for a very long time.  Because we are always changing and designing new floors, new looks, new feels around our client’s needs and desires, we have a floor type to make just about anyone smile.


When it comes to residential flooring we strive to get to know the client and work with them to bring out the personality of our clients into the floor. I think this is the secret of Granicrete Australia, our floors reflect our client’s life. The way they live, play, work, love and feel. We fuse our clients inner artist with our magical abilities to create a perfect, fit for life, floor.

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