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What is Granicrete Coverstone?


Granicrete Coverstone is a very popular alternative to other floor options and coatings. Over the years, many households and properties have had granicrete floors implemented and is it not hard to see why.

Firstly, what is granicrete? It is a very strong and long-lasting polymer modified concrete mix. It can be used for as a new coating for both brand new or existing floors. Thanks to its mixture, it can simulate any type of stone on your floor.

This type of coating is applied to floors because of the many benefits that come with it. Granicrete Coverstone is a durable material meaning years of lasting wear and tear, as well as a high resistant to stains and marks. This type of resistant means that the colour or style of the floors will not wear off.

More so, granicrete floors can come in a range of different colours, styles, patterns and finishes. With such a wide selection, you can get any type of floor you want to fit into the rest of your property’s theme and design.

Finally, granicrete floors are easy to maintain. All your need is a wet mop and bucket, and you can keep your floor cleaned to perfection. This low level of maintenance means less money is spent in the long-run, and highlights another point that granicrete floors are worth the value in the long term. They are considered a worthwhile investment.

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