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Granicrete is all about enhancing the way you think about polished concrete flooring as well as other seamless flooring options. We have a myriad of finishes that are aimed at making your floor complement your lifestyle and personal taste. That is why when it comes to concrete polishing in Melbourne, nobody offers more options in the industry. We have made it our mission to only make custom floors for our clients. Over the years, we have perfected our products and skills to bring you the best of polished concrete, micro-concrete overlay floors and epoxy floor coatings.

Bringing Polished Concrete Floors To Life

Bring life and restore vitality to your existing dull floor with the help and expertise of Granicrete’s concrete floor polishing products. For us, concrete is not just limited to commercial buildings or skyscrapers. It is a material that can be fashioned and formed, like clay in the hands of a skilled potter. We can change floors by giving them a stunning epoxy flooring finish, polishing them, staining them and even overlaying them with our exclusive Granicrete Fashion Flooring Products. Give us a chance and we will show you the possibilities of polished concrete in Melbourne.

Our Flooring Services

Check out our pages and the photo gallery on our website. We offer a wide range of products and services for residential and commercial environments, both indoors and outdoors. This includes polished concrete floors, epoxy or decorative flooring, and faux finishes. We can also build custom benchtops for your kitchen and even furniture. For the outdoors, we can design and create water features for your swimming pool or an entire waterfall.

A Variety Of Polishing Options

We have always believed in providing people with a platform to choose the concrete floor service they want so they can get the floors they want. We want our clients to have the option of deciding how they want their floors to look. More so, we believe in providing a wide selection of colours and designs when you take up our services. We are willing to go above and beyond in making sure that you get the floor you want. That has been the way we have worked with our polished concrete and decorative concrete floors since the start, and we want to continue that with you!

Unique Floor Polishing Designs & Colours

Rest assured that your surface is entirely unique and distinct. Colour stains and pigments are added to the floor before it sets, resulting in a pattern that is one of a kind. You will not find any other exterior or interior surface that remotely resembles yours. It’s fun and exciting when you get to choose the ideal polish for your concrete floor that you want! And if it’s a stylish floor with an epoxy finish that you’re looking for, trust us when we say we have just as much fun helping you choose the finish as we do creating and developing it for you.

Contact Our Team Of Dedicated Specialists

Our team of experts can work with you as you build your new home or renovate an existing surface. Visit our showroom near Melbourne, Victoria or give us a call. We look forward to receiving your queries and working with you on your next project. You can trust Granicrete to deliver on your requests and requirements when you’re looking to produce the best polished concrete flooring in Melbourne.

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