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Urethane Cement Flooring

Urethane Cement floors deliver the ultimate in impact and chemical resistance suitable for industrial uses. As the name suggests this type of flooring is comprised of water-based urethane polymers mixed with traditional sand & cement. The resulting surface is significantly harder than concrete, delivering a floor finish that will last 20 years or more.

The self-levelling mixture is applied much more thickly than an Epoxy floor, typically 5-10mm, so the finished floor height may need to be taken into consideration in some areas.

Why Choose Urethane Cement Flooring instead of Commercial Epoxy?

Due to the thicker application and extremely hard finished compound, Urethane Cement is ideal for industrial use, including areas used by heavy plant & machinery. Its is the most impact-resistant of all flooring solutions. It is also the most suitable choice for food preparation areas (eg, fish markets, meat factories, commercial kitchens) and other areas which are regularly exposed to harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Urethane Cement is a breathable coating which allows the transmission of water vapour. For this reason, it is a more suitable solution for areas where the underlying concrete floor is subject to moisture, including low-lying areas near waterways or areas prone to flooding. Using commercial epoxy in such areas could result in the floor delaminating and ‘bubbling up’, whereas this will not happen with Urethane Cement.

The last major consideration when choosing Urethane Cement is speed to install versus factory downtime. Although Urethane cement is more expensive per square meter than Epoxy, because it is self-levelling, it is significantly quicker to install. Together with the fact that in an industrial setting it will likely last 3-times longer, this means that your cost in lost productivity during the lifetime of the floor will be significantly less. We often find this is a clincher for many of our customers, for whom the cost in down time is actually significantly higher than the cost of floor installation.

Perfect for industrial applications subject to high impact & harsh chemicals

Best choice for commercial kitchens, meat factories & food preparation

Thick application & harder than concrete – will last 20+ years

Non-slip surface even when wet

Urethane Cement Flooring is Available in:


The ultimate in impact-resistant and chemical-resistant flooring


Suitable for areas prone to flooding & slab moisture


Non-slip surface, even when wet

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Frequently Asked Questions About Urethane Cement Flooring

Knowing whether a Urethane Cement Floor is the right solution for your space, especially compared to other coverings such as Commercial Epoxy can be tricky. It’s a significant investment in both downtime and installation cost, and we do recommend you give us a call to discuss your project before making a final decision. That said, you may find some frequently asked question below helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Urethane Cement Flooring

No. Polyurethane is a thin, flexible layer applied more like paint over your concrete. Urethane Cement is a thick, harder-than-concrete layer poured over your slab suitable for high-impact industrial areas

Epoxy is certainly more aesthetically pleasing, and can be honed to a mirror-like surface. Urethan Cement is a more ‘rough & ready’ finish suitable for industrial use.

Urethane Cement is the hardest, most impact-resistant flooring surface. While Epoxy is very durable, it can crack or chip under heavy impact, whereas Urethane cement is practically indestructible.

$110 – $150 psqm + GST ( based on application to a clean concrete floor)